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What Does the Success of Microsoft Teams Mean for the Future of Work?

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When it comes to ways in which to streamline our corporate lives, there is a multitude of solutions. One of those is Microsoft Teams, which is making waves in the corporate world across North America. Indeed, the app became the top workplace messaging app in 2019 and garnered 13 million daily users by July. January 2020 saw the platform gain 20 million users, many of whom worked for large corporations. What does the platform offer and why is it doing so well?
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Microsoft recently announced that 91% of the largest 100 companies in the US are using the platform, edging out competition from channels such as Slack. Microsoft Teams works so well because it is a holistic answer to several workplace issues. The modern worker is trying to squeeze in many tasks, juggling them, waiting on responses and collaboration, and attempting to keep track of it all. When it comes to making our working lives easier, having everything in one place definitely helps and any company that offers something so integrated – since a lot of companies also use Windows – will go a long way.

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Teams offers a way for this all to be more easily tracked and actioned in one platform. It incorporates workplace chat, video chat, files sharing and storage, and app integration. Other channels may gain a lot of publicity and spend a lot on ads, but Microsoft Teams proves its worth with the results from the corporate world. 

Communication through messaging apps, organizing work meetings and distributing tasks has largely been moved online. Not only do we have Microsoft Teams, but rival Slack is also vying to make office life easier. Sites such as Monday and Trello help try to organize big teams with Gantt charts and to-do lists to remove the strain of face-to-face meetings and deliver information in succinct ways.
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This isn’t the first example of our analog lives moving in digital ways, of course. There has been a rise in online banking with customers opting for banks such as Monzo to help analyze their spending over traditional banking institutions. There is also a huge amount of online gaming providers that offer easy, attractive ways to get acquainted with different types of table games and other titles. Interested readers can view all the deals available in this highly competitive industry on specialized websites. Streaming services often mean we can see new movies at the same time as their cinematic release, which means people might be more inclined to opt for more money to stream and less to visit the cinema. All three industries are set to rise as we move towards a more digital way of life.  

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The success of Microsoft Teams – combining many traditionally analog features – shows just how far digital has come and indicates that we will continue to see digital as a way of life not just in our private lives, but in our work ones too. The goal for Microsoft now is to have the nine companies that currently opt for rival services to switch over by this time in 2021.

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Monday, 23 March 2020

Google Sheets vs MS Excel - Similarities and Differences

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Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are so much related. Both can be used for data analysis. But there are still some of their aspects that differ. Depending on the type of data analysis you wish to carry out, either of them can fit in better. This article will reveal both the similarities and differences between MS Excel and Google Sheets.

Google sheets is one of the online tools provided by Google. There are 4 of them: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Forms. While MS Excel is one of the Office packages provided by Microsoft Inc. for data analysis. MS Excel has been available a long ago before Google Sheets. But they have many features in common.

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Comparing Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Offline Access, Online Access and Synchronization

If the nature of your work requires an offline data analysis tool, then MS Excel is a better tool for you. But you can download and use Google sheets offline. Then save it to your google drive whenever you go online. MS Excel also has the capability to sync all your offline files automatically to Google drive once you go online. So when it comes to offline access, MS Excel wins.

When it comes to online access, that is working on the go, Google Sheets is more preferable to MS Excel. There is no special setup to use Google sheets online, unlike MS Excel.


Do you work as a group or need to access your colleague's data while they are working? Then Google Sheets has the full capability. More than one person can have access to the same file online when working with Google sheets. Although you can still track changes in MS Excel files, but more than one person cannot work on Excel file simultaneously.


When it come to price, Google Sheets wins because it is free for personal use. But for business use, you need to subscribe monthly at $5. But MS Excel is not free. Microsoft Office 365, which is the online version costs $8.25 per month. Another alternative is to buy the offline version from local vendors. But you have limited features unless you upgrade to the online version.

Built In Functions and Formulas

MS Excel wins when it comes to built in functions as there are tons of built in functions for data analysis. But google is constantly adding more functions and formulas to Google sheets. But the similarities is that most of the Excel formulas can also work in Google sheets.

OS Preferences

Because MS Excel was built by Microsoft, they considered only PCs running Windows OS without considering Mac users. This has been a great con to the software tool. But Google Sheets can be used by any OS, be it Windows, Mac, or any other Operating System.

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You have now seen the similarities and differences between Microsoft Excel and Google sheets. Depending on usage, you should now be able to spot the one that suits more to your needs.

Like I said earlier, most MS Excle data analysis built in formulas and functions can also work in Google Sheets. Learn more about these functions, their business applications and how to apply it in any data analysis software tool.

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Friday, 5 April 2019

How to Download And Play Fifa 19 Apk Mod + Obb Data File

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EA Sports just updated fifa 2019 apk + obb files to address some of the bugs on the previously released version of the game. This new version of FIFA 19 apk mod apk has all the features of the previously released version, with some newly added ones. It can also be played both online and offline. This game tutorial guide will work you through the download and setup process of the latest version of Fifa 19 Apk Mod + Obb data files.
download fifa 19 apk game

FIFA 2019 Apk Device Requirement 

  • RAM Size: Minimum of 2 GB RAM
  • Internal Storage Space: Minimum of 2.5 GB free space
  • Android Version: Requires android 4.0 and above
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Updated Features Of FIFA 2019 Apk Obb Game

  • The game features 52 stadiums worldwide and the best football players
  • FIFA 19 supports external joysticks for improved player experience
  • Updated Menu and Kits
  • Updated Controls and Sound Track
  • The apk version now has both Champions League and Europa League features
  • You can now manage your ultimate team
  • Updated Attack and Offline Mode

Screenshots of Fifa 2019 Apk Obb

download and setup fifa 19 apk obb mod files
download and play fifa 19 apk obb mod
fifa 19 apk data game file download guide

How to Install FIFA 19 Apk Mod + Obb Offline

You need to download 2 files:
  • Fifa 2019 Mod Apk File
  • Fifa 2019 Obb Data File
Check an update at Buzzing Point for the download links and step by step installation and setup guide of fifa 19 apk obb offline.

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Sunday, 10 June 2018

How To Download Install And Setup WWE 2k19 Apk+Obb+Data On Android

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WWE 2k19 apk is currently the latest and the most interesting wrestling android game with improved features which most game freaks really enjoyed. It has many updated and newly added feature which the previous versions like WWE 2k17 and 18 don't have. An amazing feature of this game is that it supports low android version phones and does not require much RAM. WWE entertainment really did a commendable update in this version of 2k series android games. In this tutorial article, I will give you a simplified guide to help you download, install and setup WWE 2k19 apk + Data + Obb with some working and error free download links. I will also reveal to you some of the amazing new and updated features of this trending game.
how to download and setup wwe 2k19 android game
Initially, WWE 2k19 apk was only made to be played on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. But now, you can now play the game on your android, iOS and even PC. All you need is to download the APK, data, and OBB which help in loading the game properly in the different devices.

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Friday, 8 June 2018

How To Add And Setup Free Live Chat App In Your Website

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The easiest and fastest way to interact with your customers is to add a live chat feature or widget to your blog or website. This will enable your visitors to have a live talk experience. Most visitors expect you to give them prompt attention when they report a challenge in your website. The best solution is to install and setup a live chat application in your blog. This way, your visitors and customers can interact with you anytime they need your attention. It has been proven that live chat feature in your website can increase its conversion rate and sales by 30%. There are many free live apps which allows you to signup, add the widget or code to your site template and start chatting with your site visitors live like live chat app, smartsupp, pure chat, etc. In this tutorial article, you will learn how to signup, install, add and setup the live chat code to your site template. You will also learn how to join visitors chats and how to reply and monitor chats from your mobile device.
how to add and setup live chat

Monday, 21 May 2018

Tips to Help You Prepare & Deliver An Engaging & Interactive Presentation

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How bad would you feel if you notice that almost all your audience doze off few minutes after you started your presentation? I know you have had such experience. Everyone has had the experience of sitting through a bad presentation or ineffective speech delivery. Your audience doze off because the lights of your presentation went down. May be the audience is faced with slides filled with text, the speaker begins by reading each slide, and the room fills with the sounds of snoring. I have some tips to help you present an engaging and interactive presentation and how to design interactive and engaging presentation slides.
tips to help you present effective presentation
Here are some of the sub topics in this tutorial article:
  • How To Structure Your Presentation Slides
  • How To Prepare Aesthetically Pleasing Slides
  • How To Make Your Presentation Memorable
  • How to Overcome Tension While Presenting On Stage
  • Ways To Turn a Boring Topic Into An Engaging Presentation

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The 5 Best Recommended Pc And Console Game Controllers - Review And Prices

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There are tons of game controllers or pads in the market these days. This has made it difficult most times for PC and android gamers to pick out the one that most suit their plans. There are a lot of features to compare which will help you figure out the game pad that most suits your gaming style. Some of the features to compare are: 
  • Cross-Platform or PC-Dedicated?: Cross-platforms game controllers can be used both for pc and console (play station) games while Pc-dedicated game pads are used on for pc games. You should know the type that suits you.
  • Wired or Wireless?: Most gamers prefer wireless game controllers. But the truth is that wireless game pads also have some disadvantages over wired game pads which is mainly the difficulties with certain operating systems - they cause a lot of problems especially in Windows 7.
  • Weight, Size and Durability: The best recommended game controller should not be too big or too heavy and also, it should not be too light or small and it should serve you for a longer period before it starts to develop faults.
  • Design Style: There are two main styles of PC controllers: the typical console-type shape, which is similar to a PS4 or Xbox One design, and PC-only designs which has more buttons such as the Razer Orbweaver. Most gamers prefer the console style because it more comfortable and also beginner-friendly. I prefer it myself!
Even after comparing all these features, it is still very difficult to know the best game pads online. My advice is to purchase from a trusted seller who can give you guarantee for the product. So that in case of any fault within that period, you can easily return it for a better game pad.
best recommended pc and console pads to buy
In this tutorial article, I will reveal to you the 5 most recommended, best pc and console game controllers with a review of their features, prices and where you can buy them at a cheaper price.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Review Of Bluehost - One Of The Most Recommended Web Hosting Companies

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Bluehost is one of the most recommended web hosting companies that was created in 1996. The company was officially launched in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. Bluehost offers a range of solutions to help you get started with your website or ecommerce store. The company is now one of the world’s largest providers of reliable and cheap web hosting and online cloud based solutions. So if you are planning on hosting a website or blog, take your time to study this review of Bluehost. The hosting company provides advanced developer tools like SSH Access, FTP, and a fully-customized Linux kernel. Their cheapest hosting plan is 3.95 per month. Another advantage of hosting with Bluehost is that you can migrate from hosting package to a more suiting plan with ease.
Bluehost review and features

In this tutorial article, I will give you a breakdown of Bluehost hosting plans and their features, their pros and cons, Bluehost versus other hosting companies, and comparison with other alternative web hosting companies like HostGator and Godaddy, etc.

How To Set Up Your Custom Email To Send And Receive Emails Through Gmail

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Having a custom email for your website makes it look professional. You can setup your custom email to synchronize with your personal gmail, hotmail or yahoo mail account so that a copy of every email that comes into the custom email will be forwarded to your gmail or hotmail address. Also you can reply any of those emails through your gmail or hotmail address and the receiver will see it as though you sent it through your custom email address. Most clients prefer to write to you through a custom email. When they don't see one, they may conclude that your site is not professional. 
how to setup your custom email to send and receive email through gmail
Also most times, you might be finding it difficult to login to your webmail account to check mails sent to your custom email address, but once you setup your gmail properly, there will not be any need to login to your webmail to check your mails because a copy of all the mails from the custom email will be sent to your gmail address. These are some of the advantages of setting up a custom email for your site domain name.

A custom email is an email you create which has your site domain name as part of the email address. For example, one of the custom email of is: Most domain registrars allow you to create up to 2 custom emails for each domain name you register with them.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

See The Causes Of Adsense Suspension/Ban And How To Avoid Them

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If you receive a ban or suspension from Google adsense, you've definitely violated the adsense term of services. Many novice bloggers are often banned in a short time because they do not know these rules. Doing the wrong things in the adsense and other forms of advertisements, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will result in a severe penalty, may get you banned and even have your account terminated. So for those who are thinking of getting a career in adsense, do not just think of some illegal strategies you will be using to generate more earnings. Consider some things first before you actually get involved. Another thing you should know is that Google Adsense Ban or suspension is non-appealable. This tutorial article reveals to you the various strategies Google uses to detect invalid click, some causes of Google adsense invalid clicks/suspension and how to protect your adsense account from being banned.
Reasons why google suspended your adsense account and solution

How Google Detects Invalid Adsense Clicks

Many bloggers ask how Google detects invalid ad clicks. Here are some of the strategies that Google uses to detect invalid adsense clicks:

IP Address And Mac Address
Once you sign up for Google adsense account, Google takes note of your device IP address and Mac address. Mac address is the unique number or code allocated your device. So if you click on your adsense from your device or if you tell a relative to click on your adsense account at regular intervals, Google can easily detect it as invalid click through the IP and Mac addresses of the device.

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Sudden Rise Or Fall In Ad Click Patterns:
If the click patterns of your ads suddenly rise and after some time, it falls, Google suspects that you might have arranged an ad click program for your site.

Extremely High CTR:
CTR means Click Through Ratio. It the ratio of your total site traffic to those that actually clicked on your ads. Google adsense teams may suspect or even manually inspect your ad click sources if your CTR is extremely high. The normal or optimum adsense CTR range is 0.5% to 10%

Almost all Google services use cookies. Therefore even if you use multiple google accounts to click on your ads, Google will detect easily because any click on the advertisements can easily be tracked with the cookies set in the browser.

Getting More Ad clicks From Social Media:
It is recommended to monitor the traffic ratio of a site closely. Receiving large number of clicks from social referrals indicates Google that it could be an inflated clicks from the publisher’s own friends and circles. if your site gets more clicks from social media, endeavour to work on your Search engine traffic in order to balance your social media to search engine traffic ratio.

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Causes Of Adsense Account Ban/Suspension (Things Not To Do)

Invalid Clicks And Impressions: 
Do not click on your ads and you cannot use any means that artificially increases impressions or clicks on your website (including manual methods)

Persuading People To Click Your Ads: 
Do not ask third parties to click on your ads, and do not use deceptive ad implementation methods to persuade your page visitors to click your ads.

Putting Ads on Copyright Protected Materials and Counterfeit Goods: 
Do not publish copyrighted contents on your blog or website unless you have the legal rights to post such content. And even if you do not put adsense ads on such articles. Also Google ads cannot appear on pages that sell or promote counterfeit goods.

Invalid Traffic Sources: 
Do not place Google ads on pages that receive traffic from particular sources (for example, do not participate in paid to click programs, send unsolicited e-mails or post announcements following actions performed by software applications).

Abnormal Site Behavior: 
Sites where Google ads appear must be easy to navigate and should not change users' preferences or redirect users to unwanted websites, by launching downloads, malware or pop-ups and pop-clouds that interfere with browsing.

Google Advertising Cookies: 
AdSense Publishers must comply with and draw up the privacy rules that provide the opportunity for third parties to enter and read cookies on users' browsers.

Violating Google Content Policy: 
Do not place Google ads on contents violating Google’s content, including content that is adult, violent, or incites to racial intolerance.

Wrong Ad Positioning and Behaviour: 
Do not insert the ad sense code in popup, email or software. Also, do not make changes to your ad sense ad code to alter ad performance or Adsense advertiser’s goal or target.
Some Other Common Reasons Of Banned Adsense Account Are:

Using Hidden Texts on your Site:
Filling your advertisement page with texts too small to read, has the same color as the background and using css for the sole purpose of loading them with rich keywords content and copy will earn you a penalty award that is given to those who are hiding links.

Putting Ads On Pages With Little Or No Content:
Adsense is a contextual network and doesn’t allow ads to be placed on pages with minimum to no  content. Something, even if you think that your posts are well researched and written in-depth, you might still get a site level warning for ads being displayed on pages with “little or no content”.

Using 3 Ad Units Above The Fold:
Adsense doesn’t allow the use of 3 ad units above the fold. This typically happens when you have a side bar ad, a leader board and an in-content ad unit with the post somewhere around the top of the content. These 3 ads are visible on a standard desktop resolution and thus are marked as “ads visible above the fold.”

Buying Paid Traffic:
Buying paid traffic to make more money from ad sense can result in account level ban. Account level bans occur when the ad sense team believes that the business model employed by the publisher is not in compliance with the ad sense term of services.

How to Avoid Adsense Account Suspension or Invalid Clicks

If you are a genuine creator/publisher then follow these tips to avoid invalid activity:
  • There is a word press plug-in called word fence that can block suspicious IP addresses it is very use full plug-in and easy to use.
  • Premium services such as forensiq can also help prevent invalid traffic by making use of their fraud intelligence database, automated traffic detection, proxy unmasking services and more. We recommend this tool to all our premium publishers.
  • Never by any means click on your own ads. This one should be self-explanatory, but it’s easy to fall into this trap thinking you could bump up your earnings. 
  • Do not partner with low-quality sources. This can include ad networks, traffic sources etc. These low-quality sources are often times notorious for invalid activity.


I have clearly explained the main causes of google Adsense suspension and ban. But note that Google discovers more efficient strategies to detect invalid ad clicks. So i will always update this article as soon as I discover some of their newer strategies. 

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