How to Manage your Crypto Portfolio with CoinGecko App

Imagine having bought hundreds of crypto coins in different exchange apps. Sometimes, logging into each of these exchanges to check the performance of these cryptocurrencies you bought might be very stressful. But there are some special crypto portfolio trackers that can help you monitor the performance of all your crypto trades easily. CoinGecko app has a powerful crypto portfolio tracker you can use for free. You will learn how to use CoinGecko app to easily track your crypto portfolio from your smartphone or PC and how to set price alert for any coin.

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

CoinGecko is one best free crypto research tools you can use to perform fundamental analysis before buying any cryptocurrencies. You can also learn about DeFi, yield farms, markets, Crypto news, Coin price updates, Crypto price to fiat currencies calculator, etc.

How to Use CoinGecko App Crypto Portfolio Tracker to Manage your Trades

First, you need to download the latest CoinGecko app from Google play store on your phone. You can get it at Install the app and launch it on your phone.

Next, click the More tab and then click on Sign Up / Sign In. Login by clicking on Sign In if you already have an account with CoinGecko or you click on Create Account to create new account. 

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

After creating a new account, you will be required to login to the email account you used for the registration, click a verification link to verify your CoinGecko account. After that, your CoinGecko account is ready for use!

Now click on Portfolio tab to start building your favourite coin list. 

Watchlist vs. Portfolio

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

When you click on the Portfolio tab in your CoinGecko app, you will see two sub-tabs: Watchlist and Portfolio. The 2 tabs contain all the coins you mark as favourite. As the name implies, the Watchlist sub-tab is where you see the current price of the coin, 24H performance and the current market cap. But you cannot add a transaction under the Watchlist sub-tab.

But it is under the Portfolio sub-tab that you can add or record the transactions (buy, sell and transfer) you have carried out for any coin under your portfolio. In other words, the balance you see at the top of the Portfolio sub-tab is your real crypto portfolio if you add all the transaction you carried out in all the coins under your portfolio.

In summary, the Watchlist sub-tab of CoinGecko app is just like the front-end of a webpage while the Portfolio sub-tab is the back-end where you have many setup options.


How to Add a Coin to your Portfolio

There are ways to add coins to your CoinGecko app portfolio:

Method 1: Search the Coin from the Market Tab

This method becomes handy if you just came across a new coin that interest you and wish to watch the coin's performance for some time before investing in it. With this method, you add the coin to the CoinGecko app watchlist.

To Add a Coin to your Watchlist: Under the Market tab, type the coin name in the search bar.

CoinGecko will load the details of the coins. You will see 4 basic tabs: 
  • Price Chart: This is where you see details like: contract address, market cap, trading volume, available and total supply, etc.
  • Exchanges: Here you will see all the exchanges where the coin can be purchased, with their available trading pairs and trading volume.
  • Portfolio: Clicking the Add to Portfolio link under this tab adds the coin to your portfolio list so that you can start tracking its performance. 
  • Info: Here, you will find the link to the official website of the coin project, blockchain/supply link, social media links, etc.
NOTE: You can add the coin to your portfolio by clicking the + sign at the right top corner of the page.
how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

Then click on Add Coin to Portfolio.
how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

Method 2: Search the Coin from the Portfolio Tab

To add a coin to your portfolio using this method: From the Portfolio tab, click the + symbol at the top right corner of the page and then type the coin name in the search box that appears.

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

Once the coin appears in the search result, click on it. 

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

Congrats! You have successfully added a coin to your CoinGecko app favourite list. Do this for all the coins you wish to track their performance.


How to Add the Transaction Details for your Portfolio in CoinGecko App

After adding coins to your portfolio, next is to add the transactions details (buy, sell and transfer) for each of the coins in your portfolio so that the tracker will help you calculate the percentage Profit and Loss (PnL) and the balance. With this, you will know the coins that are performing well and by what percentage.

Under the Portfolio sub-tab, click on Add at the right hand side of each coin in your portfolio.
how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

There are 3 types of transactions you can setup for each coin in your portfolio:

  • Buy: For adding completed buy transactions.
  • Sell: For adding completed sell transactions.
  • Transfer: For recording transfer (in and out) transactions. For example, if you bought a certain amount of a coin in a particular exchange platform and wish to move a percentage to another exchange.
Choose the correct tab that suits the transaction you carried out for the coin in any exchange app. For example, if you initially bought 20 ETH and then sold 15 ETH, you need to add both the buy details for the 20 ETH (indicate the unit cost price in USD, the quantity and the date) and then the sell details for the 15 ETH (include the unit selling price in USD, the quantity and the date) under the Portfolio sub-tab, so that CoinGecko app can properly track your portfolio balance (5 ETH).
how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

Click the Fees & Notes link to add the description for the transaction (under the Notes field) and the transfer fee (under the Fees field).

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

Once you are done, click on Submit. Confirm the submission by clicking on Save.

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

NOTE: You only add transaction details for the coins you have actually bought or sold in any exchange. If you added the coin(s) to your portfolio just to study its movement pattern then don't add any transaction detail for the coin(s).

How to SetUp CoinGecko App Price Alert Feature

Search for the coin you wish to add price notification for and then tap on it to see its details on CoinGecko. Tap the + sign at the top right hand side of the page as shown in the screenshot below.

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

Select the Add Price Alert option. This prompts the Add Price Alert page.

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app

Now specify the price at which you want CoinGecko app to alert you. You can specify in percentage or you type the exact alert price. 

Specify the how often you wish to be alerted (once or recurring?). The tap on Save as shown in the screenshot below.

how to manage your crypto portfolio in coingecko app
CoinGecko will alert you through your phone notification once the coin(s) reaches that specified price.

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You have learnt how to use CoinGecko app to track your crypto trading portfolio. There are other popular crypto portfolio tracking apps like Blockfolio, Delta, CoinTracking, Coin Market Manager, Kubera, CryptoCompare, Altrady CoinStats, etc. Each of these apps has its pros and cons. Weigh them and choose the one that suits you most. I love CoinGecko app portfolio tracker because it is very simple and easy to use. Blockfolio is another crypto portfolio management app I love.

Comment your questions and suggestions below. Click a share button to share this tutorial article with your social media friends. Enjoy!

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