7 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

The benefits of boosting your WordPress website are numerous. Your traffic will grow, and your search engine rankings will improve. Sadly, WordPress doesn't often make it simple to provide users with lightning-fast web pages. The best part is that you can immediately put many of them into practice to enhance the speed of your WordPress website.

how to optimize your wordpress blog speed
With little effort and our guidelines, you can speed up your WordPress site in 2023 and beyond by following the seven tips we've prepared for you! Let's get started.

#1: Select a Credible Hosting Provider

A speedy WordPress website is built on top-notch web hosting. You must pick a hosting company and a package that satisfies your needs for traffic and reliability. Check out the top WordPress hosting providers for 2023 and beyond if you're still debating your options so you can easily decide.

Your site's data will be stored by WordPress hosting. You purchase a package, and a server in the host's data center holds all your stuff. Thanks to the WordPress host, your customers can view, modify, and use the information. Therefore, choose wisely!

#2: Utilize a Light WordPress Theme

WordPress themes with numerous features, animations, gadgets, icons for social media, and other dazzling components are eye-catching. Your web service will undoubtedly take a beating if they are overwhelmed with items and larger web page sizes.

Using a light theme is your best bet in this situation. Choosing one of the WordPress themes is the simplest choice.

#3: Uninstall or Delete Unused Plugins

Since each plugin functions as a tiny piece of software on your site, having several activities in one go might slow download times. A plugin may steal resources and perform meaningless work, even if you aren't utilizing it. It could be time for some cuts.

Begin by turning off any plugins you are confident you won't ever use. Each time you deactivate a plugin, review your website to ensure everything is still functional before deleting it. Then check which plugins affect speed by deactivating each one individually.

#4: Install Top-Notch Plugins

The best WordPress plugins use server resources efficiently. They are always up-to-date, low in code, and won't consume a lot of server space.

Reading suggestion lists is the greatest approach to ensure that your plugins are performance-friendly. Read reviews and feedback for any underperformance concerns before implementing a new plugin, and re-run test procedures after activation to ensure your performance hasn't been dramatically harmed.

#5: Don’t Add Videos Directly to Your WordPress Website

Do not directly add videos to WordPress websites, even though they greatly enrich the material. But the issue with videos is that they typically have enormous file sizes. Alternatively, you post your videos to independent video hosting services like YouTube. After that, you can take the shortcode from whatever third-party video-sharing site you used to post your videos and insert it into your post. This step is a minimum requirement if you intend to include any video on your web pages to maintain a fast WordPress website.

#6: Clean Up Your WordPress Database

Database optimization will keep your database's volume to a minimum and reduce the volume of your backups by removing unnecessary material from your databases. Additionally, it's important to remove spam submissions, phony accounts, outdated versions of your material, and perhaps even undesirable extensions and customizations. Therefore, this will make your database and website folders smaller, speeding up WordPress.

#7: Utilize a CDN

A global network of linked web servers makes up a CDN. The JavaScript, CSS, and jpeg images for your site are stored on every server. The server nearest to the client delivers these data whenever they seek a webpage from your website. With a CDN, your site may be accessed from anywhere worldwide and run equally quickly for all users. On any WordPress website, CDNs are simple to set up and maintain. Your CDN handles all material distribution for you, and your host company probably includes it in your package or charges extra.

Why Should WordPress Website Be Sped up?

The most significant of the numerous valid reasons to speed up WordPress are listed below.

        Search engines give sites with faster load times a higher ranking than those with slow loading speeds. So, if you wish to have a successful site, one of your top goals should be to increase the functionality of your WordPress website

        You must speed up WordPress to retain around 75% of your users engaged

        Online consumers are the most demanding group; they anticipate that the website will load quickly. Therefore, the adage "time is valuable" is especially true if you are managing a retail site on WordPress



One of your top goals should be speed optimization if you manage a WordPress website. Fortunately, we have advice you can utilize to reduce load times and give users the fastest experience. Saving your customers a significant amount of time is worth a little of your time.

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