Free Crypto DeFi Staking Yield/Rewards Calculator App

We have designed a free, simple calculator app to help you calculate your crypto staking total and daily rewards. It is always advisable to first estimate the total rewards from any staking opportunity before committing your coins/tokens.
defi staking rewards calculator

What is DeFi Staking?

Staking is one of the ways to earn passive income from some of your cryptocurrencies. This earning opportunity was created by DeFi (Decentralized Finance). When you stake your coin/token on any staking platform, the coin/token is locked in a smart contract for a specific period of time. Then as an incentive, you will be earning a daily reward, which accumulates until the lock-up/staking period is over. Some other ways to earn passive income from DeFi include: Yield farming, lending, providing liquidity, etc.

How the DeFi Staking Yield/Rewards Calculator App Works

This is a simple spreadsheet calculator app for calculating the total rewards for staking a certain amount of a coin/token for a particular staking/lock-up period in any DeFi staking platform. It also calculates your daily rewards for staking the coin/token. The purpose of creating this app is to help you estimate your expected staking rewards, so that you can weigh it and make appropriate decision.

You will be required to input the following:
  • The name of the coin/token you wish to stake. For example, if you are staking Ether, simply input ETH.
  • Principal amount of the coin/token you wish to stake. For example, if you wish to stake 5 ETH, simply input 5.
  • The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) offered by the staking platform. Assuming the staking platform is offering APY of 250% for ETH, simply input 250.
  • Staking/lock-up period in days. For example, if the lock-up period is 30 days, simply input 30.
Then the staking reward calculator will calculate the following:
  • Your daily reward for the staked coin/token amount.
  • The number of the coin/token you will earn at the end of the lock-up/staking period.
To do another calculation, press the Reset button.

Once you download the spreadsheet template, upload it back to your own google drive. This is to ensure that any record you add to the spreadsheet will be saved automatically and you can access the spreadsheet template easily.

Check out the screenshot below to understand how the app works.
DeFi staking rewards calculator app

How to Calculate your Staking Rewards Manually 

Formula for calculating your total staking rewards/yield
= (Principal amount of the coin staked x APY x Staking period)/(365 x 100)

Formula for daily staking rewards
= Total staking rewards/Staking period in days

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