Microsoft Office is a multi software package application designed by Microsoft. The five main packages that make up Microsoft Office package are:

why you should learn microsoft excel, access and powerpoint
•    Microsoft Excel
•    Microsoft Access
•    Microsoft PowerPoint
•    Microsoft Publisher
•    Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet management software. Enroll & Learn Excel Online for FREE Now!

Microsoft Access is a relational database management software. Enroll & Learn Online for FREE Now!
Microsoft PowerPoint is a graphical presentation software. Enroll & Learn Online for FREE Now!

INTRODUCTION TO MS-ACCESS (ACCESS 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) - CHAPTER 1 – PART 1:

This chapter is sub divided into two parts and this is the first part. If you have already read this part, click to read part two - Getting Started with MS-Access and Its User Interface. As a business Organization grows, the volume of their data and information increases to an extent that if an automated, customized data storage and retrieval system is not used to store these information, its retrieval and maintenance will reduce the efficiency of the business.
introduction to microsoft access
In other cases, some business organization in quest for dynamism and accuracy, need a customized system to help them perform some difficult tasks and calculations efficiently and accurately. These tasks may include staff payroll system, forecasting and trend, sales report, budget control, etc. all these tasks can be managed by an electronic database management system. That is a computer with relevant Database Management System software like Microsoft Access.


There are many cases where one may need an electronic aid especially those that address the public from time to time. For example, inspirational speakers, lecturers, advertisers and even students especially those in higher institutions. MS-PowerPoint has all that it takes to help you drive your points without much stress.
introduction to microsoft powerpoint presentation 2016
Throughout this tutorial, I will be using MS-PowerPoint 2013 to illustrate. My reason for choosing this version is that it has similar features with the previous versions like MS-PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and also with later versions like version 2016. Nevertheless, I will still point out some of the noticeable differences in the previous and later versions as we move along.


Once you get an approved google adsense, the next thing that comes to your mind is how to increase or maximize your adsense earning or revenue. There are many factors which affect your Adsense income. These include ad placement, ad type, traffic source and most important, AdSense CPC. In this post, I will reveal seven proven strategies that will help you to increase your adsense revenue.
7 ways to increase your adsense earning/revenue
Some common questions that people ask about google adsense and revenue maximization include:

How much does Google AdSense pay for 1000 impressions?

How can I make money with Google AdSense?
How much does AdSense pay per click?
How can I increase AdSense rpm?



There are many ways to increase your adsense revenue. But you should be very careful when choosing the tips to apply on your google adsense account because Google AdSense has strict policies pertaining to certain actions. Ensure you have read and understood their policies. Violation of adsense policies leads to suspension for one month or even permanent blocking of your adsense account. There are some tricks that yield more earnings but are against Adsense Policies. Avoid such tricks

Some Strategies/Tricks Against Google Adsense Policies Include:

==> Deceiving your visitors to click your ads by placing your ads next to post images or using some call to action phrases like “Click Here” to direct clicks to your ads.

==> Clicking on your own ads.

==> Paying or bribing your visitors to click your ads.


Having been acquainted with these Google Adsense DON'Ts, let me now reveal these seven awesome ways to increase your adsense revenue. Always bear in mind that you must have to experiment different strategies until you find out the one that yields the highest returns.
So let's get started!

1. Target High Paying Relevant Keywords with Quality Contents

I always tell you that it pays to write quality contents or posts! Always remember that Google Adsense is a contextual ad network that works based on the content and context of your page or article. Your blog or website can only attract high paying Cost Per Click (CPC) Ads if your blog have their keywords. So always do a keyword research and find out the keywords of high CPC ads in your niche. This will boost your adsense revenue. There are some keyword research tools available like keyword samurai, etc. Use several keyword research tools and compare their results.

A visitor will be able to notice your ads if your article contents are engaging. This makes them more likely to click, and you more likely to earn more money from your audience. And the only way to write engaging articles is to write quality articles. I described the attributes of a quality content in my previous post. Always some high ranking blogs in your niche and see how they arrange their articles. But don’t follow their ideas strictly because some ideas that work for them might not work for you.

2. Drive Organic Traffic to Your Blog

There is an established fact that that the number of visitors is directly proportional to the amount you earn from your ads! This is because less number of page views results to lower chance of getting clicks hence low earning Traffic is the main key of getting success from any ad network including google adsense.

Some sites still get high traffic but still earn less. Another thing to consider is the source of your site traffic. The highest paying source of traffic is organic traffic followed by traffics from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Disque, etc. Avoid illegal traffic sources! 

Another strategy I use to increase my site’s CPC is to target traffic from countries like the U.S.A and the U.K, and the easiest way to get high traffic from these countries is through social media guest posting and backlinks from similar sites. This strategy will increase your adsense earning approximately up to 40%.

Another awesome strategy I discovered recently which yields dual result is Google Adword and facebook Ads. The first time I tried google adword, it increased both my site traffic and adsense earning by 30% and even boosted my alexa rank. Next time, I tried running both google adword and facebook the same week and my adsense and traffic increased by 50%. Try it out yourself!

3. Experiment with Different Ad Sizes 

Another established fact is that ad sizes with high width to length ratio (wider ads) perform better than those with low width to length ratio! This is because wider ads are more reader-friendly because of the fact that they allow readers to read more without having to skip lines as frequently and eventually yields a higher click rate.

Some confirmed Adsense banner sizes that yields better returns are: 
160×600 wide skyscraper
336×280 large rectangle
300×250 medium rectangle 
728×90 leaderboard.

But recently Google adsense recommends Responsive Ads because they produce the best user experience. Some people suggest that image ads work better than text ads. I have tried creating both types of ads and have found out that this is never true. By blocking an ad type, you decrease the competition on your ad, and this also decreases the CPM of your ads. I advise you to use both ad types.

Another awesome ad type that converts well are link-based ads (link ads). Some people argue that the decrease CTR of other Ad types if used together with them. But that is not true! They don’t decrease the CTR of main ads if optimized properly. They yield better returns if placed on the upper parts of your post contents. Always continue try experiment other ad sizes to find out the one that best works for you!

4. Experiment with Different Ad Placement

This strategy usually needs a lot of experiment and results vary from niche to niche. The main point is to place your ads where they are most likely to be seen and clicked by your site visitors. But make sure that your adsense placement technique does not go against google adsense placement policy like placing ads before and after your site inbound links or placing ads very close to images. Never use any technique that will persuade or deceive your visitors to click your ads, else your adsense account will be banned.

Always try to figure out where your site visitors always concentrate when they visit or read your articles or what attracts their attention most in your website. If your website has a very lively social media, then add an ad near your social media or share buttons, but don’t trick them to click these ads.

Always make your ads a bit outstanding for your visitors to notice them but try to blend your ad colours to match your website theme colours especially text and background colours.

Another strategy that can help you double your adsense earning is to put ads in between post contents. Some positions that converts very well are: After post title, first and post paragraphs, middle of post. Placement of ads at the end of posts also performs well especially if you have active share buttons very close. 

Also use themes or templates that allow you to add ads beside your site banner (at the header section). In general, place most of your ads at the upper parts of your pages because it eliminates the possibility of losing clicks simply because users never scrolled down. Put only one or two ads further down your page. This strategy can increase your adsense earning up to 35%.

5. Create Custom Channels for Your Ads

Many bloggers and webmasters don’t implement this strategy! Creating a channel and enabling placement targeting for your ads is a form of advertisement for your ads spaces because you have the option to add more details about your ad types, and then put your ad up for auction in the market by opting for placement targeting. This increases the competition, and the ad value on your site goes up. You can enable placement targeting in the course of creating a custom channel for an ad unit and this must be enabled.

To enable placement targeting on your existing custom channel:

==> Log in to your Adsense account > 

==> Click My ads > Custom > Custom Channels. Then, click on one of the names of your ad units and a screen will pop up. Simply add the details and put a checkmark at placement targeting.

6. Utilize Youtube Adsense

Youtube Adsense is another way I use to increase my adsense earnings on my. Check out my youtube channel (Microsoft Tutorials). It increases my adsense earning by 15%. You can monetize your copyrighted youtube videos as a video publisher. Youtube adsense also has high CPC especially if your videos generate a lot of views per day.

You can apply for youtube adsense with the same email address you used toyou’re your your blog adsense. Your youtube adsense earning will not show up until your blog adsense earning reaches the minimum payout which is usually $100, then the youtube video adsense earning will be paid together with your blog adsense. But if you only have a youtube adsense connected to an email address, your earnings will always show up when you login to your adsense account.

7. Block Irrelevant Adsense Category and Ad URLs

I personally implemented this strategy in my blog by blocking ads and URLs that are in no way relevant to my blog niche especially those that have good impression percentage but a very low earnings percentage. In the new Adsense interface, the category blocking feature has become much easier to use. You can quickly see which categories of ads are performing poorly, and you can block those categories.

Some webmasters report that blocking some ad categories reduce their page RPM and that does not work for them, but it works for me! You can also give it a try. It may also work for you! This can quickly be configured through your allow and block ads page.

Google adsense also allows you to block the URL of advertisers that you don’t appreciate their pay per click. When you block these URLs, ads from them stops showing on your site. This works well for those that have set ad placement targeting for their ads.


These are the seven simple strategies that I have implemented that really increased my google adsense earning. You may also share some of your strategies that yielded positive results on your earning in the comment box below. Also share these article with your friends by clicking any of the share buttons below.

There are other proven strategies that you can implement to boost your adsense revenue. Harsh Agrawal (CEO revealed some of these tested Adsense earning boosting strategies.

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Are you still struggling to get an approved Adsense account? Check out the 9 SECRETS TO GETTING AN APPROVED GOOGLE ADSENSE & WHY YOUR APPLICATIONS WERE REJECTED

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Good Luck! 


There are actually many things to consider before you apply for Google Adsense. A lot of people have different ideas to share concerning what you should do for your adsense application to get approved. One fact that is certain is that it is no more easy to get a legitimate google adsense network for your blog (wordpress or blogger) or even for your website. But don't be discouraged! Google just tightened the adsense-approving policies. You only need to understand the concept of these policies and avoid violating any of them. Also remember that google adsense and other PPC Ad networks are not the only ways to make money as a webmaster. I will reveal some other high paying google adsene alternatives and other sources of income apart from Ad networks!
secrets to get your adsense approved fast
This article is a bit lengthy but will surely transform and help you achieve your target as a webmaster. So relax and take a cup of tea!
Read it bit by bit!



But have you ever asked why Google Adsense is the most popular and trusted PPC/CPC Ad network?

There are thousands of other ad networks but every webmaster or bloggers yearns for google adsense.


Google ad network is more efficient than any other ad network. This attribute tends to draw more advertisers to them. Advertisers are always willing to pay because they get what they pay for.

More Liberal: 

When compared to other ad networks, google adsense is more liberal to its publishers which are mostly webmasters and bloggers who they use their websites to for advertisements. A click from one ad banner can fetch a publisher more than $20 (depending on the location from which the click was made) which is very encouraging. 

Also Google adsense is one of the oldest ad networks in the world today.

I have seen and read a lot of questions in websites and forums asked by different Bloggers and Webmasters about Google adsense approval and policies. Some of them are:
==> How long does it take to approve AdSense?
==> What are Google AdSense requirements?
==> How do I get an AdSense account?
==> How can I use Google AdSense in my blog?
==> What is the minimum number of blog posts I should publish before applying for Google Adsense?
==> What is AdSense account for Youtube?

I once asked these questions until I discovered the latest working secret behind Google adsense approval strategies. I blogged for two years without being ble to get an approved google adsense account. I tried different CMS (including blogger, wordpress and joomla) but to no avail. I surfed the internet, tried the various tricks suggested tricks, re-applied several times without any success. The truth is that Google will never tell you the particular reason why your application was rejected. But am happy today that I finally found these hidden secret to getting an approved google.

Today I will reveal these ten secrets to getting an approved adsense account to you. But also note that google adjust their policies from time to time! Don't just stick to these secrets alone. Carryout research from time time. I will always update this post with any new secret I discover. So always revisit this post to check the latest updates. 

Before I go on with the revelation, let me tell you some reasons your google adsense applications were rejected. Most of these reasons was why my previous adsense applications were rejected.

Some Reasons Why Your Adsense Applications were Rejected

Here are the most common rejection reasons and Google AdSense requirements that you should keep in mind before we get into details.

1. Blog or Page Template Design 

A template or page with poor designs and customization scare visitors away. Besides, even you will never like to come back to a website if your last experience in the website was not encouraging.
Google cares a lot about its customers and its business, just like every real entrepreneur does.

2.  Unaccepted site content

Google Adsense usually calls this "Insufficient content" but I chose to call it "Unacceptable site content" because it does not really mean that you have lesser number of post or lesser number or words per post. It means that the quality of your website's content is low or poor. These could be because you copied from other websites or the grammatical errors were too much, keyword ans SEO abuses, etc. 

3. Absence of Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us pages on your website

There are some pages which you must have before applying to Google AdSense if you want to get accepted.

These are about us, privacy policy (Disclaimer page) and contact us pages. These pages give the impression that you are a professional and that you are working according to the Google policies. Keep in mind that having a privacy page is also one of the requirements for Google AdSense.


If you have been reading carefully, you will notice that I have revealed a few secrets to you (Read the reasons for google adsense rejection). Now let me reveal the rest of the secrets to you

1. Always Produce High-Quality Contents:

The saying that, "Quality is the king can never be over emphasized". Always bear this in mind when writing posts! Google Adsense applications are no more reviewed by robots or google bots but by Google staff. How do you feel when you see a poorly written article?

A high-quality content is known with these features: uniqueness, usefulness and informative, free from grammatical and typographical errors, organization, etc. Once the contents of your site are of very high quality, you don't need to have hundreds of blog posts before you will be accepted. This Site Microsoft Tutorial got an approved google adsense account with just fifteen posts. Is it not pretty cool?

Another thing to avoid when trying to write high quality content is copyright images. Always make sure an image is free from copyright before you use them. You can always get free images from sites like,,, etc. Although some of their images are paid images, but they are copyright free. 

Another way to avoid copyright images is to first download the image on your pc or smartphone and then rename them before you use them. Don't copy image URLs. Always upload the images from your device.

There are some categories of contents that google adsense hates with passion and can never approve any adsense application applied with such sites. Some of these common content types that google adsense team can never accept are as follows:

==> Pirated Contents
==> Pornography (Adult materials)
==> Hacking/Cracking Tutorials
==> Fraudulent contents
==> Illegal Drugs (Paraphernalia), etc.

2. Avoid Already Saturated Niches

By "Saturated Niches", I mean those content categories that have too many competitors. Some Categories that fall under these niches include 

==> Making money
==> SEO tips.
==> Marketing tips
==> Website tricks

Recently Google AdSense team stopped accepting accepting adsense applications from these niches because they are already saturated. You can join niches like Health and fitness tips, Software tutorials, etc. These niches are still competitive but less saturated and as a result have higher and faster chances of adsense approval. This website is under software tutorial niche.

3. Create pages like About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer page or Privacy Policy pages:

I have just unwrapped another secret now. Most people say that About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer page or Privacy Policy pages are not necessary. They are are very very essential because uses these pages to know more about you and your website and to verify that your identity is authentic. Google will never approve adsense for any suspicious identity.

Always check up these pages in top blogs and websites in the same niche with you and see how they organized theirs. Just mimic their styles. Ensure that you place these pages at point where visitors can easily find it like at the header and footer of blog or website template. It helps to speed up your adsense verification process.

Your Privacy Policy page describes to your readers their rights and its limitations in your blog. If you find it very difficult to write your site's Privacy Policy by your search for some good Privacy Policy Generators online and utilize them.

Your About Us page describes you and the services you provide in your website. So it plays a very vital role apart from being a necessary requirement in adsense approval. Take your time to write one for your website before you re-apply for google adsense.

Your Contact Us Page helps to link your customers directly to your by providing them with your contact information such as email address, social media account links, etc. It is very necessary to create one before applying for google adsense. It tells the extent you care about your customers. Ensure that you add an active email address to our contact us page. It is more advisable to use a custom email address like contact@yoursitedomain.comUse Google apps to create a domain specific email address. Also add your social profile links.

You can have a look at my Contact Us page.

One important step: Google AdSense mention in their rejection email that your website should have a clear navigation menu to help your readers find your pages and access the content before you think about applying again for AdSense.

4. Ensure Your Site Uses a Custom Domain Name

Google adsense now gives higher preferences to people using custom domain names. By custom domain name, I mean those domain names without phrases like "" (for blogger) or "" (for wordpress). they are called sub domains.

Before now, webmasters get approved google adsense account with sub domains, that is without custom domain names. But recently, it is no more possible. I once tried getting one last year but could not.

Buy Top Level or custom Domain name. It will cost between $10-$15 per year. You can buy the domain from Godaddy (best domain registrar) or Namecheap.

The best extensions are ".com" extension. There are other extensions like ".net" (more costly and more secured). You can also get some country specific domain extensions like ""(United Kingdom), "" (United States), "" (India), etc.

Also try to use domain names that reflect your site's niche. It helps people to know what your site is all about by just reading your site's domain name and it also a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique.

There has been this rumour that google adsense only approves application from websites that are not less than six months or one year old. But I have seen many sites that are less six months old but got google adsense approval. Your blog or domain age does not really matter. This website got adsense approval with a domain that is less than one year. So do not be discouraged!

6. Ensure You Have A Good Number Of Quality Posts:

Many articles suggest different minimum amount of posts. But after a proper research and survey, I found out that there is no specified minimum number of post to write before you can be approved by google adsense. Many people have been asking: 
What is the minimum number of posts before I can apply for Google AdSense? 

There is no specified answer. What matters is the quality of the content and yor blog niche. For example, a health blog with 10 high quality posts can be approved by Google adsense. I have also seen a blog with 150 posts but was rejected by google adsense.

Another important thing is the length of the posts and its organization. In general, ensure that your blog hasat least an average of 20 posts with at least 500+ words (quality contents) before you apply and reapply for adsense.

By "Organization", I mean how you use your tags like the h1, h2, h3, etc. Your post title should contain a h1 tag, then the next title should be h2. Don't use too many h1 tags within one post. Use h2 and h3 tags for less prominent sub titles.

Because I have seen very established blogs with 300+ posts and their owner telling me that Google AdSense is rejecting them while somewhere bloggers with few posts or even less than 10 are enjoying making money with AdSense.

7. Use a Simple, Professional SEO Friendly Blog Template and Design:

The outer look of your blog or website is the first thing your visitor will notice. It gives your site a lot of impressions. Your blog design matters a lot. Nobody will like to read an article with ineligible characters. Not even YOU! Your blog template should be professional and not messy. Google and search engines like clean, professional and fast-loading template designs and blogs.

A good website template should have following features:

==> Simple and professional design
==> No unnecessary widgets
==> Easy to navigate
==> Search engine friendly
==> Fast loading

There are lots of free professional and SEO friendly site templates for blogger and wordpress blogs. Some professional premium templates cost some buck but they really worth it. Just search the web and make a good choice.

8. Always Target Organic Traffic Sources:

Google likes and appreciates websites that get more of organic traffic (traffics from search engines) and through social media. Google adsense can never approve applications from sites that pay for traffic or get them through illegal means. This is because such illegal traffics do not come from real humans and therefore can never convert well if ads are allowed to show on such sites. Renember that every private company is profit oriented and no one will ever like to invest in a project that will nit yield profit, even you!

Always target traffic from legal sources like social media, search engines, and related blogs (backlinks).

9. Remove Any Other CPC/PPC Ad Networks:

Google adsense is a private firm and all private firms are naturally jealous. That does not mean that you can not use your adsense togetger with other PPC (Pay Per Click) ad networks, but within the period of submission and review of your adsense application, remove every other ad networks like Chitika, Infolinks, Clicksor, propeller Ads,, Bidvertiser, etc. Ensure that your blog free from ads.

But do not get me wrong! Google AdSense allows you to use other ad networks along with them, it’s better to remove the ads before applying and don’t put them back until you get approved. Normally it takes like one to two weeks for your google adsense application to be approved if your site meets all the requirements.


Have you been rejected many times before now?

Don't worry! Just apply these 9 awesome secrets and apply them step by step. Then reapply for google adsense. You now have a higher probability of getting an approved google adsense.

Is your adsense still disapproved after applying these adsense secrets?
Google adsense is not the only CPC/PPC Ad network. There are many alternatives to adsense.


Remember google adsense and other PPC Ad Networks are not the only way to make money as a blogger or webmaster. There are other sources of income that really pays well. You can write and publish books (kindle and paperback), article writing, you can even make money with anything you can do at fiverr.

Good Luck!

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