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Real Football 2018 (RF 18) is finally available for download and play. RF 2018 is the most interesting soccer game designed by GAMELOFT. You experience football both on and off the pitch with Real Football 2018. Another interesting thing about this game is that you can play both on android (apk) and java (jar) phones with low configurations no matter the screen size, unlike PES 2018FIFA 2018 and First Touch Soccer 2018. Some top teams in RF 2018 are: England, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Uruguay, France, Spain, Portugal, USA, Germany, etc.
real football 2018 apk and jar download

In this post I will reveal all the newly added and updated features of Real football 2018 and help you download, install and play the game on both android and java phones i.e. the apk and jar versions (for screens with small dimensions like 320 x 240 and above) from working and latest download links.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dream League Soccer 2018 (DLS 18) apk for android and tablet devices has been released and is ready for download. Many soccer gamers  don't know this DLS, partly because the game is not as popular as PES, FTS and FIFA, but it is very interesting with nice graphics and awesome features. If you have been playing the previous versions like DLS 17, it is high time you upgraded to this latest version and enjoy the best from this android soccer game.
dream league soccer 2018 apk download guide
Dream League Soccer 2018 apk + Obb Data Unlimited Money is a unique soccer game because it lets you form your dream soccer team and compete against other world champion teams across the world. You and your dream team will be battling out there on the football field against huge teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, etc.

Winning Eleven 2018 (WE 18) apk for every android soccer gamer is now available with new and updated features. For all game freaks who have been the previous Winning Eleven 2016 and 2017 versions, it is high time you upgraded to the latest working version. Many features have been updated in  this latest 2018 version of WE 18 like the uniform colour and players name, etc. 
updated winning eleven 2018 apk mod obb

Winning Eleven (WE) 2018 is a soccer game that works perfectly on every android device, even those with lower configurations. The game's name came up because Pro Evolution Soccer PES, didn't have the same name in all countries until 2008. As a result of Konami's franchise was now called World Soccer Winning Eleven in the USA until that year, and in Japan it's still called Winning Eleven till date.

FIFA 2018 (fifa 18) android apk game is now available and ready for download!
The game was designed by EA sports. They really added many new interesting features that any gamer would like to experience. So if you have been playing FIFA 2017 or fifa 2016 version, it high time you upgraded to the latest 2018 version. This is the second popular game after PES. FIFA 2018 apk mimics the 21th edition of the football world cup organized in Russia that will bring for us together the best national teams from around the world.
fifa 2018 mod apk download
Fifa 18 latest apk was last updated on April 2017. In this latest version 2018, you can now build and manage your team, go head to head, keep coming back for daily content and moreso, its system requirement is very moderate when compared to the previous versions. Whether you’re a savvy veteran or just starting out on the soccer pitch, FIFA Mobile is bigger and better than ever, completely redesigned and built exclusively for mobile with a download size of under 150 MB.

This chapter is sub divided into two parts and this is the first part. If you have already read this part, click to read part two - Getting Started with MS-Access and Its User Interface. As a business Organization grows, the volume of their data and information increases to an extent that if an automated, customized data storage and retrieval system is not used to store these information, its retrieval and maintenance will reduce the efficiency of the business.
introduction to microsoft access
In other cases, some business organization in quest for dynamism and accuracy, need a customized system to help them perform some difficult tasks and calculations efficiently and accurately. These tasks may include staff payroll system, forecasting and trend, sales report, budget control, etc. all these tasks can be managed by an electronic database management system. That is a computer with relevant Database Management System software like Microsoft Access.

You can download the PDF e-book file of this chapter for free and study at your convenient time. The e-book contain both parts of this chapter properly written. Click to download the e-book: Fundamentals of MS-Access Using MS-Access – 2016, 2013,2010 and 2007.
PDF: fundamentals of database administration using ms-excel

You can also watch this introductory Access video on youtube

Access youtube video link


 This tutorial assumes that you don’t have any knowledge of database administration. It explains from the scratch, every bit of MS-Access. So if you are a novice in database administration, you are at the right place. This tutorial is prepared for you.

Each chapter of this tutorial contains the procedures to achieve some tasks, some practical examples and some practical exercise for you in order to help you comprehend its content.

It is recommended in this tutorial that you have a PC or an access to a computer system, so as to enable you practicalize the procedures and exercises. Also try as much as possible to practice the exercises in this tutorial for a deeper comprehension of the contents of this tutorial.



 What is Microsoft Access?

It is a type of Database Management System used in creating relational database. It is used to record and store large volume of information which can be retrieved based a specified criteria.


1. It is used to record data.

2. It is used for stock inventory control (Stock Control).

3. It is used to prepare sales report.

4. It is used to prepare students grade list.

5. It is also used to prepare bank database.

6. It is used to prepare workers payroll.

7. It can also be used in budget control.


This is complex application software that is used to construct, expand and maintain a database. A typical example of a DBMS is MS-Access. Other example include; clipper, Oracle, D-Base, etc.


This is a collection of related records that contain information of individuals, employees or entities which are organized structurally to enhance easy access, update, maintenance and storage with minimum redundancy.


Basically, there are two types of database. They include;
Relational Database, Hierarchical Database and Network Database.


This type of database organizes its information in records and fields called Table. The fields are related because they are attributes of an entity and also because they all contain the same fields or data items. It can combine records of different files. An example is Workers Record shown below.

relational database


The elements of this type of database is subordinate to just one other element, which is called the Root and the root is always at the top of the hierarchy, it is the collection of records on one-to-one relationship.


Unlike the hierarchical database, a record can be subordinate to many other records. It is the collection of records on one-to-many relationships.


    This is a unit of information which forms the attributes of a record. It can also be referred to as Data Item.
    This is the column title or heading that specifies the type of data to be stored in a column or field.
    This one of the properties of table design view that determines the type of data to be recorded in a field.
    This is one of the properties of table object that avoids duplication of data in a column. It is used in table relationship.
    This is the collection of related fields. It is commonly expressed in rows.
  6. DATA
    It is a raw or unprocessed fact concerning an individual or business organization.
    It is also referred to as processed data. It is data that have been organized and processed which is now meaningful.
    It is the smallest entry in a database. A collection of character is called a field or data item. It can be an alphabet (A-Z), numerals (0-9) or alpha-numerals like special characters.


There are many benefits of setting up a database for your organization. Some of them include:
  1.  It enhances easy access and retrieval of information.
  2.  It enhances easy update and maintenance of information.
  3.  It accommodates large volume of information.
  4.  It enhances decision making.
  5.  It provides adequate security.
  6.  It supports network of database.
This is the end of part one. I hope you learnt a lot? Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends.

Recommended MS Access Textbook

ms access textbook kindle format

Click Here to know more about the book.

In the part two of this chapter, I will be talking on GETTING STARTED WITH MS-ACCESS AND ITS USER INTERFACE. See you there.


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