Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Winning Eleven (WE) 2017 is a soccer game that works perfectly on every android device, even those with lower configurations. The game's name came up because Pro Evolution Soccer PES, didn't have the same name in all countries until 2008. As a result of Konami's franchise was now called World Soccer Winning Eleven in the USA until that year, and in Japan it's still called Winning Eleven till date.
The 2017 version is just an updated version of the 2016 version
free download to winning eleven 2016 & 2017 apk

In this post, I will give you the direct download link to WE 2017 and 2016 apk+obb. And I will also show you how to install, set up and play Winning Eleven soccer game with your android phone easily. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) android soccer development teams has been very busy. Now they have finally came up with a very interesting version of PES 2018 for android devices which every gamer will be tempted to play. Though the game is very similar to PES 2017 but with some advanced features. Almost all the expectations of PES fans has been met by this PES 2018 apk iso psp for every android! The ISO PPSSPP file is also available for download.
how to download and play pes 2018 step by step guide

The android version of PES 2018 can also be played on PC by first installing android emulator like KOPLAYERBLUESTACK or try ANDYROID.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

This article explicitly compares the 3G and 4G Network Technologies and other later technologies like 2G and also shows their differences and node of operation, the differences between 3G and 4G technology and their speed in tabular form.

long term evolution technologies, 3g and 4g

Click the link to download the PDF copy of  this article for free: LONG TERM EVOLUTION TECHNOLOGIES, 3G AND 4G

Article Content

•    Introduction
•    Background
•    Overview of Wireless Telecommunication Networks
•    Motivation For LTE
•    Network Architecture
•    Specification Differences
•    4G Applications
•    Challenges of Migrating 3G to 4G
•    Conclusion

This article is prepared to guide and help students write a standard and professional report with proper referencing and citation styles. At the end of this report, you will learn the step by step strategy of how to write research reports, research reports format examples and samples, etc.

format for undergraduate reporting, referencing and citation

 Article Content

•    Why is a report important
•    Writing to be read.
•    The mechanics of writing.
•    Stylistic Conventions
•    Consistency
•    The structure of the report.
•    Referencing & Citation
•    IEEE Referencing

Click the link to download the PDF copy of  this article for free: FORMAT FOR UNDERGRADUATE REPORTING, REFERENCING AND CITATION



Why is a Report Important?

•    It is an educational exercise.
•    For evaluation of the work.
•    To reach a wider audience.
•    Preserving what has been done.

Writing to be Read

“A report is written to be read, by someone else. A report which is written for the sake of being written has very little value”.

A good project report:

•    Demonstrates the author’s familiarity, expertise, and competence with the problem.

•    Makes it easy to the reader to understand any part of the report.

•    Explains rather than describes the problem and possible solutions to minimize reader effort.

The Mechanics of Writing a Good Report

•    Always keep your potential readers in mind.
•    Repeatedly review what you have written.
•    Put yourself in the position of the reader.
•    Start early (Document your progress)
•    Keep a notebook/diary handy and record all relevant information.
•    Keep it simple
•    Shorter sentences

Stylistic Conventions

There are all kinds of stylistic conventions relating to technical writing that you should try to follow. For example:

•    Do not use shortened forms such as “don’t” for “do not”.
•    Avoid slang words.
•    Use British English and write in complete sentences.
•    Divide your writing up into paragraphs.
•    Paragraphs should focus on developing single ideas.


You must be consistent.
Where consistency should be maintained include:

•    Bullet points;
•    Use of hyphens;
•    Use of capitalization;
•    Technical terms;
•    Abbreviations;
•    Use of symbols.

The Structure of the Report

•    Preliminary pages
•    Introduction
•    Literature Review
•    Methodology
•    Results & Discussion
•    Conclusion & Recommendation

Preliminary Pages

•    Title Page
•    Certification Page
•    Dedication
•    Acknowledgement
•    Abstract
•    Table of Contents
•    List of Tables
•    List of Figures/Charts
•    List of Abbreviations


“A good introduction should tell the reader what the project is about without assuming special knowledge and without introducing any specific material that might obscure the overview. It should encourage the reader to read the whole report”.

•    Background - What is the setting of the problem?

•    Problem Statement – What exactly is the problem you are trying to solve?

•    Objectives – What are the expected deliverables?

•    Justification – The general benefits.

•    Scope of work – Define the scope and limitations.

Literature Review

“The review should describe, summarize, evaluate and clarify literature related to the work. It should give a theoretical base for the project and help the reader understand the nature of the research problem that needs to be solved.”

Materials and Methods

How have you solved the problem?

•    Materials - Present the materials were used to solve the problem.

•    Methods - Present the method used to solve the problem.

Results and Discussion

•    Present the results
•    Interpret the results
•    Indicate what can be concluded from the results.
•    Discuss any limitations inherent in your research methodology.

Conclusion and Recommendation

•    Summarize what has been done in the work.
•    Answer the questions:
    How far have you gone towards achieving you initial objectives?
    What are your suggestions for further work?

Referencing & Citation

•    A good project report will show the author is aware of relevant work done by others in that field.

•    Use IEEE referencing and citation format.

•    Be careful about information you get from websites – include the date the site was accessed.

•    The Citation format gives the reader immediate information about sources cited in the text.

•    In IEEE citations, the references are numbered and appear in the order they appear in the text.

•    When referring to a reference in the text of the document, put the number of the reference in square brackets. Eg: [1]

IEEE Referencing Format

•    Book

Author(s). Book title. Location: publishing Company, year, pp.

•    Book Chapters

Author(s). “Chapter title” in Book title, edition, volume. Editor’s name, Ed. Publishing location: publishing Company, year, pp. 

•    Article in a Journal

Author(s). “Article title”. Journal title, vol., pp, date.

•    Articles from Conference Proceedings

Author(s). “Article title.” Conference proceedings, year, pp.  

•    World Wide Web

Author(s)*. “Title.” Internet: complete URL, date updated* [date accessed]. 



Click the link to download the PDF copy of  this article for free: FORMAT FOR UNDERGRADUATE REPORTING, REFERENCING AND CITATION

By Gordon Ononiwu
Department of EEE
Federal University of Technology, Owerri

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This article explicitly explains how to harness solar energy to power base stations which is a better solution and a comparison of of solar energy technology and other forms of energies.
using solar energy to power base stations

Click the link to download the PDF copy of  this article for free: HOW TO USE SOLAR ENERGY TO POWER BASE STATIONS

Article Content

•    Introduction
•    Background
•    GSM BTS and UTMS Node B
•    BTS Site Daily Load Usage Calculation
•    Solar Power System Component Specification
•    Solar Power Sizing calculations for BTS site
•    Diesel Electricity Generator System Setup and Running Cost Estimate
•    Public Mains Power System Setup and Running Cost Estimate
•    Comparative Analysis of Results
•    Conclusion and Recommendations

Thursday, 4 May 2017

This chapter is sub divided into three parts and this is the first part. If you have already read this part, click to read part two - User Interface and Worksheet Operations in Microsoft Excel.
Click to read - Part 3: Business Applications of Functions in Microsoft Excel.

introduction to ms-excel

You can also watch the introductory excel video on youtube

Excel you tube video


This tutorial assumes that you don’t have any knowledge of any electronic spreadsheet package. It explains from the scratch, every bit of MS-Excel. So if you are a novice in spreadsheet management, you are at the right place. This tutorial is prepared for you.

This chapter is sub divided into two parts and this is the first part. If you have already read this part, click to read part two - Getting Started with MS-Access and Its User Interface.

introduction to microsoft access

There are many cases where one may need an electronic aid especially those that address the public from time to time. For example, inspirational speakers, lecturers, advertisers and even students especially those in higher institutions. MS-PowerPoint has all that it takes to help you drive your points without much stress.
introduction to microsoft powerpoint presentation 2016
Throughout this tutorial, I will be using MS-PowerPoint 2013 to illustrate. My reason for choosing this version is that it has similar features with the previous versions like MS-PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and also with later versions like version 2016. Nevertheless, I will still point out some of the noticeable differences in the previous and later versions as we move along.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

I decided to compile the top 10 best android (apk) soccer game apps every soccer fan should play. These soccer games are the latest and most interesting of all other available. I will also give you their latest working download links of these football apps, both on google play store and form other genuine stores. I based my analysis based on my research and a survey I got from 20 top ranking android soccer download websites like:,,,,, and Most of these soccer games can be played both offline and online for free while some can be played only online(free and paid versions).
the top 10 android soccer games

I will first list them and then give their descriptions, features and their direct download links, installation and setup guides so that you can download them and start playing. The top 10 most popular android games based on ranks are:

Friday, 28 April 2017

The switchboard manager is one of the features of a form object in MS Access that is used to control the records in a database. It creates a form or user interface that will used to access other objects of the database. You can always customize the switchboard to your own taste. Switchboard manager is used create buttons which will be used to open forms, and pages and exit the objects in a database. It makes your database behave like a software application of its own. In this tutorial part, I will give you a step by step guide on how to design a powerful and functional switchboard and show you how to customize tabs, Quick Access toolbar, groups and even create new ones in Microsoft Access.
how to design and customize a professional switchboard through the access switchboard manager
As a database manager, after designing a database for an organization, you should make it behave as if it is a software by doing the following in the database:

1. Design a user interface for the database.
2. Password-protect the database’
3. Assign a group or user protection for the entire MS Access application (that is in an organization where they use the computer for database administration).

All these make your database standard and dynamic.


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