Reasons Why Your Payoneer Mastercard Has Not Yet Arrived With Solutions

Has it been more than two months you ordered for your payoneer card without getting it? In this tutorial post, I will be disclosing to you, some reasons why your payoneer MasterCard has not yet arrived after exceeding the specified delivery dateIn my previous tutorial post, I wrote on How To Transfer and Receive Money from One Payoneer Account to Another 

If you don’t know yet what payoneer is all about, I will advise you to first read my tutorial post on How To Register For Your Payoneer MasterCard Or Debit Card For Free Using Your Nigeria Voters Card or Click here to register for a payoneer account for free and earn $25 later.
payoneer mastercard not yet delivered - possible solutions

If you applied for Payoneer MasterCard using the free shipping method, there are many reasons why you why your payoneer MasterCard might not arrived after exceeding its delivery duration. Most times the delivery of the Payoneer MasterCard exceeds the specified duration with some days. Sometimes it takes up to six weeks and above (two months). But if after the seventh week and the card has not arrived, then you need to follow it up with action.

Reasons Why Your Payoneer MasterCard Wasn't Delivered

  1. Wrong or incorrect address format during registration which include wrong zip/postal code. Click here to get the correct postal codes of your locality.
  2. Your Payoneer MasterCard delivery may be delayed by bad mailing system in your country. That’s the more reason why you should exercise more patience.
  3. Your MasterCard might have arrived but you couldn't be reached. Probably because you weren’t at home When the Payoneer MasterCard Distributors arrived and there was no way to reach you because Payoneer does not disclose your mobile number to these Distributors.
  4. Your card delivery delay might be from Payoneer for some reasons.

Possible Solutions to Payoneer Master Card Delivery Delay

  1. Exercise more patience because the parcel containing your free shipped Payoneer card on is not registered and consequently, it can’t be tracked. After waiting for up to 2 months with no response, check the post office nearest to the address you provided as alternate shipping address on Payoneer and make some enquiry.
  2. If solution 1 doesn’t work, you can still order another card because Payoneer gives 3 free card slots. All you have to do is to login to your payoneer account and follow these steps to order a new card:
    • Select “Haven’t received your card yet? Click here” button located at the top-center of the screen.
    • Enter your desired address and then click Order. Make sure you provided the right address. check this article on payoneer blog: Filling out Your Address Is Important - Here's Why for a detailed explanation about how to write your address and why it is important.
    • Confirm your security details by entering your date of birth and password.
    • A confirmation message that your new card is being processed will be, and can view the new card in the Prepaid Card drop-down menu located above your account balance.
  3.  If solution 2 doesn’t work, contact Payoneer customer service by mail. You can also reach them faster through live chat. They are very friendly. Complain to them about your card delivery failure and that you want to request for another one through the P.O Box method of delivery instead of the normal home address/postal code method. This method is better.
    NOTE: They may require some information in your identification documents like your National ID number, phone number associated with your Payoneer account, or your Driver’s License number or identification passport (depending on the identification document you during your first application).
  4. If solution 3 doesn’t work, then the last resort is to go for expedited shipping through DHL. This will cost a total of $50 which must be available in your account. Using this option, your card will arrive within a duration of 4 to 7 days you will then receive a call from DHL to collect it (go with the specified Identification Document for identification).


There are many ways to fund your payoneer account so as to have sufficient balance for the expedite shipping. You may wish to pay a friend an equivalent or agreed amount in naira to transfer fund in dollar into your own account or through Payoneer online exchangers that deal in Payoneer dollars.You can also earn in US dollars by working for some of Payoneer partners like, fiverr, revenuehit or through the Payoneer referral program that pays you $25 for each referral.

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