How To Test And Calibrate Your Windows Pc Battery

With continuous usage and age, the maximum capacity of a battery changes with time. As a result of this change in capacity, the charge level indicator in windows might not be able to estimate the exact time the fully charged battery will last. In other to help the charge level indicator to estimate accurately your charged battery life span, it is advisable to calibrate your pc battery at regular intervals. Calibrating your laptop’s battery helps the battery gauge to accurately the charge level in windows. This tutorial article will walk you through on how to test and calibrate your laptop battery in any version of Windows OS be it windows 7, 8, 10 or later versions or model like Dell, HP, Asus, Toshiba, Msi, etc.
how to test and calibrate your windows pc's battery

Many PC users ask these questions:

  • How do I calibrate my laptop battery?
  • How do I calibrate my HP laptop battery?
  • How do I calibrate my Iphone battery?
  • What does it mean to calibrate a battery?

This tutorial article will answer all these questions and also teach you how you can maintain your PC battery so that it will last longer for you.

General Tips on PC Battery Maintenance & Check

Before I walk you through on  how to calibrate your pc battery, here are some advice on how to maintain your battery and prolong its lifespan and capacity
  • Firstly, avoid over charging your battery. Whenever the windows charge level indicator indicates full battery charge, unplug your pc charger from your pc. Do not leave you battery to continue to charge simply because you are making use of your pc. I have once experienced this.
  • Secondly allow your pc’s battery to discharge completely before you charge it again. This goes a long way in assisting the charge level indicator to be accurate.
  • Lastly, remove your battery from your pc if you know you won’t be using it for a very long time.


When your pc suddenly trips off without any notification, try calibrating it. Then if the problem persists, change the battery 
There are many methods many methods to test and calibrate your pc’s battery, but in this tutorial, we will show you step by step, two methods:

  • How to manually calibrate your pc’s battery in windows OS
  • How to test and calibrate your pc’s battery in windows using HP support assistant (for HP pc users)

How to Manually Calibrate Your PC’s Battery in Windows OS

To calibrate your pc’s battery manually, there are four main steps involved:

1. Fully charge the battery: Plug in your power cord and fully charge the battery.

2. Discharge or drain the battery: After charging your battery, disconnect the charger from your pc and then press the on button on your pc if not already on, then allow it to discharge. You can also be making use of it. Don’t allow it to sleep or hibernate if you are not making use of it. Make use of it or allow it to discharge until it prompts you to connect your charger. Then shut it down.

3. Recharge the battery again: Connect the battery charger again and allow the charger to fully charge to 100%.

4. Run the battery test.(optional): Battery test shows you the actual state of your battery.


To get an accurate result from battery test, allow your battery to charge fully.

How to Run the Battery Test in HP PCs

The same procedure applies to other PC brands with few variations. Just check around the UEFI window when it starts up.


  1. Disconnect your battery charger from your pc and turn it off if already on.
  2. On your pc by pressing the power button and immediately press the Esc key repeatedly while the pc starts.
  3. The UEFI startup menu opens. Then press the F2 key to select System Diagnostics.
  4. Click Battery test from the list of hardware Diagnostic UEFI options.
  5. Click Start Battery test. Then the Battery test checks the status of our battery and displays the result on the batter test page.


If the battery is properly calibrated, the battery test reports PASSED
If the battery status is CALIBRATE, follow the on screen instructions to calibrate it. Then if the battery does not calibrate the second time, you need to replace it.

How to Test and Calibrate Your PC’s Battery in Windows OS Using HP Support Assistant (for HP PC users)

HP support assistant also has a utility called HP Battery Check that accurately tests your battery and displays its status and other options. Follow the procedures listed below to check and calibrate your pc battery.
  1. Log into your pc. Search for and open HP Support Assistant
  2. A welcome screen appears if you are opening for the first time or have not deactivated it. Select an option and remove the check next to Show this screen when I open HP Support Assistant to avoid seeing the window again in the future. Click next to proceed.
  3. Click on Battery and Performance on the next window that appears.
  4. Click the Diagnostics tab and then click the HP Battery Check. Then  HP Battery check begins to check your battery status and displays the test result when the test is complete.
Some of the status results that might be displayed are:
  • Passed
  • Calibrate
  • Replace
  • Weak or very weak
  • Failure with an ID 
  • No battery
Follow the on screen instructions for each status to calibrate or replace your battery.

For HP users, check this tutorial on HP support on Testing and Calibrating the Battery Using Hp System Diagnostics.


Do you need further tips on how to calibrate your pC battery? I will like to hear from you through the comment box below.

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