What Does the Success of Microsoft Teams Mean for the Future of Work?

When it comes to ways in which to streamline our corporate lives, there is a multitude of solutions. One of those is Microsoft Teams, which is making waves in the corporate world across North America. Indeed, the app became the top workplace messaging app in 2019 and garnered 13 million daily users by July. January 2020 saw the platform gain 20 million users, many of whom worked for large corporations. What does the platform offer and why is it doing so well?
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Microsoft recently announced that 91% of the largest 100 companies in the US are using the platform, edging out competition from channels such as Slack. Microsoft Teams works so well because it is a holistic answer to several workplace issues. The modern worker is trying to squeeze in many tasks, juggling them, waiting on responses and collaboration, and attempting to keep track of it all. When it comes to making our working lives easier, having everything in one place definitely helps and any company that offers something so integrated – since a lot of companies also use Windows – will go a long way.

Teams offers a way for this all to be more easily tracked and actioned in one platform. It incorporates workplace chat, video chat, files sharing and storage, and app integration. Other channels may gain a lot of publicity and spend a lot on ads, but Microsoft Teams proves its worth with the results from the corporate world. 

Communication through messaging apps, organizing work meetings and distributing tasks has largely been moved online. Not only do we have Microsoft Teams, but rival Slack is also vying to make office life easier. Sites such as Monday and Trello help try to organize big teams with Gantt charts and to-do lists to remove the strain of face-to-face meetings and deliver information in succinct ways.
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This isn’t the first example of our analog lives moving in digital ways, of course. There has been a rise in online banking with customers opting for banks such as Monzo to help analyze their spending over traditional banking institutions. There is also a huge amount of online gaming providers that offer easy, attractive ways to get acquainted with different types of table games and other titles. Interested readers can view all the deals available in this highly competitive industry on specialized websites. Streaming services often mean we can see new movies at the same time as their cinematic release, which means people might be more inclined to opt for more money to stream and less to visit the cinema. All three industries are set to rise as we move towards a more digital way of life.  

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The success of Microsoft Teams – combining many traditionally analog features – shows just how far digital has come and indicates that we will continue to see digital as a way of life not just in our private lives, but in our work ones too. The goal for Microsoft now is to have the nine companies that currently opt for rival services to switch over by this time in 2021.

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