Update: How To Convert A Pdf File To Docx File Offline Using Ms Word & Adobe Pdf Reader

There are many reasons why you may want to convert your pdf files to “.docx” (MS Word file extension) files format offline. PDF file format is a non-editable file format, best for printing. So you may have a pdf file that you would like to edit. Then the quest for a means to convert to word file format comes in.

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Before now, I have been finding it very difficult to convert a pdf file to “.docx” file format. I even searched the web. But most of the solutions require me to first buy their software tool before I will be allowed to convert the whole pdf file to the desired format. 

Today, I am very happy that I have finally found the solution to my challenge and the most interesting part of it is that it is offline that means you don’t need any internet connection.

So am very happy to share this knowledge today with you. 

Let’s get started!


Ensure you have Microsoft Word application installed in your pc, if not find one at Microsoft store now and install before you continue with this tutorial.

To convert a pdf to “.docx” file format:

  1.    Right click on the pdf file you wish to convert and navigate to Open with menu. It will show you a list of programs you use regularly too open pdf files on your PC as shown below.
Click Open with
 2.    If you don’t see MS Word in the list, click Choose Default Program and select MS Word. If you still didn’t see it in the option, click See more options. This will list all the software applications in your computer as shown below.
Click see more options
 3.     Once you click on the MS Word icon, MS Word will display a dialogue box notifying you that it will convert your pdf file to an editable format, which will take some time. Just Click OK to continue. Then the conversion process begins. 

You have to exercise some patience because it takes some minutes especially if the pdf file contains many picture.
Notification dialogue box
4.    If the file is a secured pdf file, it will first open it in a protected view. Just click on Enable Editing so that you can make your changes in the file. MS Word will now perform the second conversion and opens the file in an editable view. 

You will notice that the converted file will not be organized as the original pdf file. So take some time to re arrange the pictures and text to your own taste. 
Click enable editing
 After you have edited the file, you will now have to save it with the “.docx” file extension which is the extension name of MS Word documents.

5.    To save the file, Click on the File tab and then click Save As. This prompts the “Save As” dialogue box. Specify the save location and type in any file name of your choice. Ensure that the Save As Type is “.docx”. Finally, click the Save button.
Save as dialogue for pdf to word conversion

So you now have the ".docx" format of your pdf document without having to go online.


I later discovered an easiest way to convert a pdf document to a word document (docx file). The easiest way is to use adobe pdf reader. 

But before you can enjoy this method, you must have the updated version. Version 10 does not have this feature. I have tried it with adobe pdf reader cs6 version and it worked pretty fine.

Now let me show you how to convert a pdf file to docx file with Adobe PDF reader!

1. Ensure you have an updated version of adobe pdf reader installed in your pc.
2. Open the pdf file with Adobe pdf reader.
3. click File > Save As > Microsoft Word > Word Document or Word 97-2003 Document as shown below in the figure below.
convert from pdf to docx using adobe pdf reader

4. Specify your save location and type your desired file name. Finally click Save.

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