How To Generate A Valid Virtual TIN/EIN And Other Business Details Instantly

If you are a blogger that has Adsense or any other foreign Affiliate programs, you most times required to provide TIN/EIN/SSN/ITIN for your tax form. The Tax Identification Number (TIN) is used by United States' government to track the amount each of their citizens earn monthly and how much they will pay as tax. But if you are not a US citizen but earn or have a US based business like Google Adsense, you will need to get a valid TIN/EIN which is very difficult to acquire as a non-US citizen. This tutorial article guides you on the step by step guide to fill and submit the tax form using a virtual TIN/EIN/SSN/ITIN which will be issued to you instantly. There are other methods to obtain a TIN, but they are too stressful and requires many protocols. The virtual TIN method explained in this tutorial article works for any country so you don’t need to bother for other methods mentioned below which are stressful for any non US citizen.
how to generate and use virtual business details online
Some of the stressful ways to get your TIN/EIN are:
Now let me go back to the main aim of this tutorial article!

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How To Get A Valid, Virtual TIN/EIN/SSN/ITIN For Your Business

There is a website that can generate various virtual, valid details for your business like:

To Get A Virtual Working Business And Other Virtual Information: 

1. Visit Elf Qrin's Cyber Lab at
The details generated from this website are not real details, but you can use them in many cases, but not all. The risk and consequences are all yours. I just provided this article to help you.
2. Then Click on Tools. Then click on the sub-menu that best describes the virtual detail you want to generate.

3. For The Filling Of Your Google Adsense Tax Form: You will click on SSN / Drivers License / Tax ID Generator as shown in the screenshot below.

elf qrin cyber lab
4. Next, select a valid US state from the US State or Territory drop down menu. click on Generate ID. The website will generate a virtual SSN, Driver License, PTIN, temporary PTIN, EIN, ITIN, ATIN. Copy the generated Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) as shown in the screenshot below.
copy the generated ptin
5. Next, go over to your Google Adsense W-8 BEN Tax Form (click this link) and paste the copied PTIN. You can also copy the generated virtual details, paste and save them to a safe location on your computer for future use.

6. The same applies to generating any other virtual detail from the website.


I have clearly explained how you can generate any virtual detail like SSN, Driver License, PTIN, temporary PTIN, EIN, ITIN, ATIN, etc. for your business.

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I know you have some suggestions and questions on how to generate these valid virtual info for your business. I will be glad to hear it in the comment section below.

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