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How To Get A Valid US, UK Address And Verify Your Adsense Account For Free

If you have an approved Google US or UK adsense account, you will be required to verify the US and UK address you used for your adsense registration once you earn up to $10 and 10 pounds respectively. When you request for a verification pin, Google sends the pin to the address you specified when signing up for adsense. You must verify your Google adsense address before you can receive any payment from Google. But most times, it is very difficult to get a US address which you can access since you are not a USA citizen. But don’t worry, this tutorial gives you a step by step guide on how to get a valid, accessible US, UK and China address for free which you can use to verify your Google adsense address and also use to ship goods you bought online to your location, anywhere in the world. Note that you can request for verification pin only for 3 times or trials. Also, you can request for a new verification pin only if the time for the last sent pin has elapsed.
how to get a valid us uk and china address for your adsense address verification

This tutorial is divided into two main parts:

  • Part 1: How to Get a Valid US, UK or China Address
  • Part 2: How to Verify Your Adsense Address
Let's get started!

Part 1: How to Get a Valid US, UK or China Address

Apart from getting help from asking a friend or relative living in US to help you receive your Google Adsense verification pin, the other alternative is to use a third party service. These services help you receive the verification pin and then mail it to you in your own country or they send it physically by air or ship. i will reveal some of these third party websites that can help you get a valid US address and also receive your adsense verification pin.

The 2 most popular of these third party websites are:
  • Shoptomydoor.com
  • Travelingmailbox.com
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How To Get a Valid US, UK And China Address From Shoptomydoor.com

Shoptomydoor.com helps you ship any good you buy online to your current location. They issue their clients a valid address in US, UK and China which you can use as your billing address when purchasing the item. You can equally utilize their service to get a valid US or UK address for your Google adsense Address verification. In this case, you will enter the US or UK address given to you by Shoptomydoor.com in your Google adsense account when requesting for the verification pin. 

Once they get the letter containing the verification pin, they ship it to your permanent home address. Therefore you should enter a valid detail and address when signing up with Shoptomydoor.com. Another advantage of this third party service is that you can always track the current location of your goods at any time.

Note that Shoptomydoor.com will charge you for the shipping cost before they send your good or adsense verification letter to your address. They charge per transaction.

To sign up with this website visit www.shoptomydoor.com. Create and verify your account. Then you will be issued a valid US, UK and China address.

How To Get a Valid US From Travelingmailbox.com

Travelingmailbox.com helps you receive any physical mail. Then they scan and forward the mail or letter the email address you specified while signing up with them. 

So if you are planning to use their service to receive your pin, they will issue you a valid US address which you will enter in your Google Adsense account while requesting for your address verification pin. Google adsense sends the physical mail containing your verification pin to that Us address. Once they receive the mail, they scan it and send it to your own email address.

Note that Travelingmailbox.com charge you monthly and they have 3 categories of packages with different features as shown in the screenshot below.
features of different packages of travelingmailbox.com
So before you sign up with them, you have to choose a package. Then you will verify your email. Also note that beforeTravelingmailbox sends you the scanned document or letter, they will require you to verify your Identity using your country issued card (National Identity Card, Driver's License or International Passport). So ensure that you have any of these IDs before you continue to sign up with them.

Other Alternatives

Another alternative way to get your Google adsense address verification code is to utilize the services of some fiver sellers who volunteer their address. They charge from $5 upwards. Simply visit www.fiverr.com and search for them. 

As I said earlier, if you have a friend or relative living in the US or UK, you can simply ask them to help you out with their address as well. This is another alternative.

Now let me show you how to request and verify your adsense address in your Google adsense account.

Part 2: How to Verify Your Adsense Address

To Request for a Verification PIN:

1. Sign in to your AdSense account.

2. At the top of your AdSense homepage, you will see the PIN verification notification that says, "your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address". Click Verify.

3. To request for PIN resend: On the Account information page, click Resend PIN. Adsense will resend the verification PIN to the address you specified.

To Enter Your Verification PIN:

1. Sign in to your AdSense account.

2. At the top of your AdSense homepage, you will see the PIN verification notification that says, "your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address". Click Verify.

3. On the Account information page, enter the exact PIN ant the click Submit. Adsense runs a check to see if the PIN you entered matches with the one they sent to you. If the PIN you typed matched with the one sent to your address, your adsense address will be verified.


I have clearly explained how to get a valid US, UK and China address from any country and how to verify your Google Adsense account with those address. Once you have verified your adsense address and filled the tax form, you can now receive your adsense payment once you reach the threshold which $100 by default.
I know you have some suggestions and questions on How To Get A Valid US, UK Address And Verify Your Adsense address For Free. I will be glad to hear it in the comment section below.

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