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6 Legitimate Simple Ways to Make Money Online for Free

These days, there are thousands of ways to make money from the internet. It all depends on your passion and determination. Most current top richest people in the world today made money online. Men like Bill Gates (CEO Microsoft), Mark Zucherberg (CEO facebook) and Jeff Bezos (CEO amazon) are all internet geeks. In this tutorial article, I mentioned 6 most recommended ways to make cool money online without investing a dine and how to get started with each of them. Some of the ways I explained are:
  • Blogging and Affiliate marketing
  • Web design/development
  • Android app development/programming
  • Uploading Videos on Youtube
  • Online Book Writing/Publishing and Digital Marketing
  • Article writing
Check out each of them and choose the ones you can fit in.
how to make money online for free

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is one of the most lucrative online businesses that can fetch you cool cash. The most interesting part of it is that you can start it up without spending a dine especially if you are using blogger (free blog platform provided by Google). All you do is to write or update your audience on some or one category of information. The most important things you need is passion and also to find a trending niche. What I mean is the category of information you will be writing about. There are hundreds of categories but some of the currently niches or categories are:
  • Fashion
  • Health and fitness
  • Online food recipe
  • Sports and gaming
The 2 most popular blogging platforms are blogger and wordpress. Check out 7 Things to Consider In Order to Build A Successful Blog/Website.

Once you have setup a fully functional blog, the next idea is how to monetize your website or blog. There are many ways to monetize your blog. One of the main ways of monetizing your blog is to sign up with different affiliate companies. In affiliate marketing, you allow advertizers to place their adverts on your website or blog. When people buy their products or visit their product page through their ads on your blog, they pay you some money. The most lucrative affiliate marketing programs are those that pay you per click on their ads.

Google adsense  is one of the Pay Per Click (PPC) affiliate programs. Before you can get an approve Google adsense account, there are some standards that that your blog or website must meet. Check out How To Get An Approved Google Adsense Account And Why Your Previous Applications Were Rejected.

There are other affiliate programs that can also fetch you cool cash and also help you monetize your blog like amazon and ebay affiliate programs. These two affiliates are the most popular and the largest ecommerce websites. I revealed The 5 Recommended Affiliate Alternatives To Adsense.

Web Design/Development

Web development is also another lucrative online business idea. There are many programming languages and platforms like php, html/css, javascript, python, etc. The most popular web design languages are html/css and php. There are many websites that provide web design tutorials both free and paid ones. 

Some of the popular websites that offer web design tutorials are,, etc. You can also learn web design offline from a friend or from some computer and web design institute in your locality. When you design and maintain a blog or website for your clients, they pay you and you make cool cash.

See: 7 Best WordPress Blog and eCommerce Themes to Download

Android App Development/Programming

This is one of the trending ways to make money online as a programmer. When you design an android app, you upload and advertise it on some platforms like Google play store and make your money when people download it. You can further monetize your apps by embedding ads like Google adsense ads. When your app users click on the ads, you earn money. There are also some online websites that provide android app development tutorials.

Uploading Videos on Youtube

This is also one of the latest and trending ways to make cool cash online. You can make money by uploading your videos on youtube and signing up for youtube adsense which is easier to get than website or blog Google adsense. Google embeds some ads on your videos. When viewers click on the ads, you earn money.

Online Book Writing/Publishing and Digital Marketing 

Writing and publishing books online is another lucrative way to make money from the internet. It saves you the money you would have used to pay printers and publishers if you were to publish it offline. Also, since most people prefer to read ebooks to hard copies, your books tends to reach to more customers and you make more sales and money. You can write and publish fiction novel, tutorial books, recipes and cookbooks, etc.

There are many online book publishing platforms that help you self-publish and advertise your book online like, (for publishing paperbacks),, etc. The most recommended self-publishing platforms are amazon kindle self-publishing platform that allows you to publish your book without any initial charge. They also pay you up to 70% of your book sales as royalty. Check out one of my articles on how to self-publish on amazon kdp. I self-publish on amazon kdp myself.

Apart from book publishing, you can also sell your products at All you need to do is to create a free amazon seller account and setup your products. Amazon markets your products and also pays you.

Article Writing

Online article writing is also another lucrative way to make legitimate money from the internet. If you a good writer, you can write articles for some educational websites and get paid. You can also write articles for big blogs or websites and submit as guest post and also get paid especially if you are promoting their products.


I explained up to 6 trusted and legitimate ways to make money online. Try out the ones that tickle your fancy and make cool cash from it and also become self-employed. There are other ways to make money from the internet but these are the 6 most lucrative, tested and trusted ways to make cool cash online.

I know you have some suggestions and questions on how to make money online for free. I will glad to hear it in the comment section below.

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