8 Working Steps To Writing Best Selling Books

Writing a Best Selling book is very easy if you understand the concept of engaging your readers. Every reader has some points he or she will like you to elaborate on your work. Your ability to discover and interpret these expected points is what helps to stand out as a Best Seller in your niche.
How to write a best a best selling book
The truth is that writing best-selling books needs some inspiration which you can draw from many sources. As a Best Selling Amazon Author, I had some challenging experience which I later overcame before I eventually got to the top. In this article, I will reveal the eight secrets you need to know in order to write a best-selling book in some publishing platforms like: Amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, etc.


#1: Read and Learn from Books Written by Best Sellers:

The easiest way to learn is by reading what others have written especially from those who have already succeeded in your niche or field. Always draw your inspirations from the works of Best Sellers but do not plagiarize their works because it might hurt you.

#2: Keep Company With Best Sellers:

Collaborate with Best Selling Authors in your niche. Try to build a strong social relationship with them. Also help young authors to draw inspirations from your works. Since all writers need encouragement and praise, it is vital that the people around you can provide these benefits. Particularly, you need to include writers in your circle of friends. And specifically, if possible, writers who are published and more successful than you. Most people believe that Best Sellers keep a lot to themselves. But that is not true. The closer you attach yourself to them, the more you learn how to avoid some mistakes they made some time ago in their career.

#3: Share Your Knowledge with Others:

Do not keep your knowledge to yourself alone. Share it with others because the more you share your ideas, the more ideas you learn from others. Many writers giving advice say an author shouldn’t talk about what he or she is writing. It’s true that talking too much to too many people about your forthcoming book, article, or blog post can suck the energy out of any creative project. I agree with that premise, but do want accentuate the positive truth that you should be talking about what you are doing in your own life. Especially the stuff you plan to include in your book.

#4: Act Now! Start Writing:

Ideas flow once you kick off. Do not wait until you have gathered all the knowledge you need because they will never come all at once. If you are serious, begin to write at least one page a day. It doesn’t have to have a purpose or specific goal, but you have to do it with energy and without exception.  You should wake up every morning and immediately write three pages. Some folks might find that too daunting. Do it if you can, but at the very least–one page. Once you have done this for a month, check out your first pages versus your latest pages and you will find the practice has made a difference. This will change your results whether you are wanting to write a book, a blog, persuasive emails, or clever Tweets.

#5: Capture Your Readers Attention with your Opening Lines:

The easiest way to attract the attention of a reader is to make the first line of your book engaging. Market researchers and psychologists have both reached the same conclusion, that first minute of contact is vital. It is that minute that determines the progress of any interaction–personal or professional. Once you are able to get your reader’s interest with the first line of your book, he or she will continue to read your book with that initial interest because you impressed him or her. At first line.

#6: Always Sound Like an Expert:

No matter how many subjects you have mastered and how many tricks you possess, it is useful to appear as if you are a supreme master, a real expert about one important subject.

#7: Know your Competitors and Always Stand Out:

Always remember that no idea is 100% unique. Someone else must have had such an idea before you. But your ability to add a value to such an idea is what makes it unique. If you are to write a book, feel strong about what you are saying. Do not sound shaky. Always remember that someone else has written something similar to what you are writing. Attach a high value to your book.

#8: Discover and Develop a Marketing Strategy for Your Book:

It is not good enough to write a book with high value. Try to discover a marketing strategy that suites your book. Most Best sellers resort to presell on book publishing platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble few months earlier before the actual launch day for the book. In this way, they enjoy free pre-order ads from these platforms and once the book is launched, it begins to sell. Some other Best Sellers prefer to start their book promotion from the release day of the book and also use some paid book marketing websites and social media.

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