How To Choose The Best Charger And Power Cords For Your Phone & Pc

Welcome to my tutorial post. In this tutorial I will show you some hidden tips on how to find the best charger and power cords for your electronic devices like your mobile phones, laptops, desktop, printers, etc. and as well save money.

Choose the best charger for your device

By the end of this tutorial, You will learn :

  • How to get a perfect charger or power cord for your device
  • The best charger connectors
  • Battery maintenance tips
Many people find it very difficult to find spare original chargers to replace the former one (follow come). Some people do buy up to ten chargers for their mobile phones in a year. After this tutorial, you will be able to discover the best matching charger for your devices.

I will also give you some battery maintenance tips, which will help prolong the lifespan of the batteries of your electronic devices.
There are some hidden and important tips you need to know about chargers and power cords.


Here are some of the tips about original chargers and power cord:

Go for Three Pin Chargers and Power Cords and Run from Two Pins

Yes you heard me right! I know you may be having some doubts in your mind now. Two pin chargers and power cords are those that have two connectors (light and neutral pin) with no earth connector. Although two pin chargers are more flexible in terms of finding a space in an extension socket to plug them, they cause more harm than good to your electronic batteries.

This is because you interchange the light pin and neutral pin connectors (Polarity interchange) of a two pin chargers almost every time you use them. The hidden fact is that they seem to work fine, but the truth is that it causes cell depolarization, which is a cell defect, thereby reducing the lifespan of your device battery. The figure below illustrates the two types of connectors.

charger pin connector types
charger pin connector types
Three pin chargers are recommended because it does not allow for polarity interchange and also has an earth continuity connector, which protects your charger to some extent during thunder strike. So I strongly advise you to go for three pin chargers.

Check the Power Ratings of Chargers and Power Cords before you Purchase them

There are different power ratings for different chargers and power cords. What I mean by power rating is the electrical energy input the charger or power cord consumes and the energy output it produces. Not every charger that charges or powers your devices matches its power specification. Ensure that you compare the power ratings of your old burnt charger or power cord with the new one you wish to buy. If possible take the old spoilt one to the retail shop where you want to buy the new one.

Ratings of devices are always specified at their back or body. Power ratings of devices are specified in Ampere-hour (Ah). There are other common sub units such as:
Milli-Ampere-hour(mAh) which is equal to 1*10^-3 Ah
Kilo-Ampere-hour(KAh) which is equal to 1*10^3 Ah
Mega-Ampere-hour(MAh) which is equal to 1*10^6 Ah, etc.

So my advice is that you should confirm that the ratings of the new charger or power cord and that of the original (follow come) ones are the same before you buy them. Don’t be deceived by the sellers who may tell you that it does not matter. It matters!

Inappropriate chargers and power cords will either supply excess or inadequate current or voltage to your devices, which reduces their voltage.

Go for Original Chargers no Matter the Price

Naturally, people go for cheap items simply because it is cheap. But in most cases they are not economical. This always leads to buying fake items. For example, if I buy a fake charger or power cord for $3 simply because it is cheap and my friend buys the original of the same product for say $10. And then within one month, I use up to five of the fake item, while my friend is still making use of the same original one he bought, where is the economy? (This is what is called being "penny wise and then pound foolish")

My advice is that you should always go for original battery chargers, batteries and power cords (in fact any item). Buy them and save more.
Hey! Don’t misunderstand me. Not every expensive item is original. Original chargers and power cord have renowned trademarks. So be wise.

At the beginning of this tutorial post, I promised to give some battery maintenance tips.

Below are some battery maintenance tips to help prolong your battery’s life span:

Avoid over charging your batteries. It reduces their lifespan.
Allow your batteries to discharge completely before you recharge them again.
Never use a battery to power a device that is not of the same rating.
Never try to repair batteries. Once they have spoilt, replace them.


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