How I Hard Reset Or Formatted My Android Smartphone

Has your Android Smartphone disappointed you before? There are many abnormalities such as slow response or no response at all, forgotten password (this is the most disheartening of all). I have once experienced it. I had already set a password for my phone before its phone screen and touch pad became faulty. I was very disappointed, so I had to search for solution online. It was not easy finding a useful solution. I had no other option than to hard format or reset it.
how to hard reset your android phone

Hard resetting or formatting your android phone can really solve many issues and malfunctions. Different Android devices have different way to hard format them. In my own case, I had to try many different solutions before I finally tried the one that solved my issue. My Phone was Tecno P5.
So I will list all the possible ways to hard reset different Android Smart Phones. Just try each of them carefully and tell me the one that worked for you.



Your phone must be off before you can be able to hard reset it. So make sure your phone is off (I don’t mean low battery). If you are finding hard to switch off your mobile phone, just remove the battery and insert it back.
Also make sure that your phone is not plugged into a charger. If the phone is plugged into a charger or if the device is not fully powered off, the reset is not going to work.
Phone reset is permanent and cannot be undone. It will erase all personal data and downloaded content on the phone, don’t worry it will not affect or erase your memory card or anything saved on your SIM card. This includes content such as pictures, ringtones, texts, apps, etc. and will usually fix software glitches, bugs, viruses, etc. Try if at all possible, to perform a backup first. Usually when you need to perform an alternate reset on your mobile phone you might not be able to do a backup.
If you own an Android Smartphone manufactured by Pantech then unfortunately you cannot perform an alternative reset on your device. Pantech Smartphones currently do not have a hard reset feature; the only reset available on Pantech phones is through the settings.

Different Methods and Procedures to Hard Reset or Format Your Android Phone

Try each of these methods carefully and tell us the one that worked for you. For each of these methods, you’re going to power the phone off, hold a specified set of keys to access a fast boot, testing or recovery screen. Solution nine worked for me.

Method One

èWhen the phone is powered off, press and hold the Volume Up and the Volume Down keys both at the same time, then press and hold the Power key until a test screen that shows some available options appears, usually takes about 15-20 seconds. When that screen pops up you can let go of the keys.
èPress the Volume Down key to navigate down through the options until it highlights FACTORY RESET then press the Power key to select it.

Method Two

èPower the phone off all the way, press and hold the Volume Down key and press than release the Power key, still holding the volume down key for about 10-15 seconds. When you see some additional options pop up on the screen you can let go of the keys.
èPress the Volume Down key to navigate down through the options until it highlights the reset option; it usually says FACTORY RESET, then press the Power key to make the selection.

Method Three

Here is a hard reset for a Sharp Android Smartphone.
èWhile the device is off, hold the Sym button (it’s located on the keyboard) and the Power button simultaneously.
èOnce the Android boot screen appears highlight the Wipe data/factory reset option by using the volume buttons. Then use the Return key (on the keyboard) to actually make the selection.
èScroll down to Yes - delete all user data and then press the Power key to confirm.
èOnce it is done select reboot system now and press the Power key to confirm and reboot your handset.

Method Four

èPower the device off, then press and hold the Home key and press and release the Power key (while still holding the Home key).
èFrom the Android Recovery screen, press the Search key.
èTap to select wipe data/factory reset then select Ok (located in the lower left of the screen). Note: if screen is not responsive use the Volume keys to scroll and the Camera key to select.
èSelect Yes – delete all user data, and then select OK (again lower left).
èSelect “reboot system now” and press OK.

Method Five

This is becoming a common hard reset method and can be used to factory reset Samsung’s more recent Galaxy smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the S5, the Samsung Galaxy Note the Note II and Note 3, etc.èWith the device powered off press and hold the Volume Up key the Home key and the Power key all at the same time.èWhen the phone vibrates (or you see the GALAXY Logo) release the Power key but continue to hold the Volume Up and Home key.èContinue holding the Volume up and Home key until the “Android system recovery” screen appears.èUse the Volume buttons to scroll to and highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option, and then use the Power key to make the selection.èOnce the factory reset is finished you may use the Volume and Power keys to highlight and select the “Reboot system now” option and the hard reset will be complete and your cell phone will be nice and squeaky clean.

Method Six

Here is an alternate reset for a Motorola Atrix still running on the 2.2 Android OS…
èWhile the phones power is off, press and hold the Volume down button and press and release the power button (note: if it doesn’t work after all the steps listed try holding down the power button along with the volume down button in this first step).
èA "Fast boot" screen should pop up, press the Volume down key to cycle through the choices until you get to "Android Recovery", then press the Volume up key.
èWait for the "triangle!/Android". Once it pops up you’ll need to tap on the bottom right corner of the screen (note: it may take a few attempts). A menu should pop up.
èTap on "wipe data/factory reset", and then tap OK. Another confirmation screen will appear. Tap Yes and then OK.
èAfter the data is cleared the "reboot system now" option should appear and is highlighted by Default. Tap OK.
This type of reset is common on the 2.2 (Froyo) before the tech geeks wised up and removed the need to use the touch screen.

Method Seven

This reset is for the same phone, the Motorola Atrix, but one that’s running on the 2.3 OS.
èPower off the phone, press and hold the Volume down button and Power button simultaneously while powering on the unit.
èThe "Fast boot" screen should pop up. When it does press the Volume down key to cycle through the choices until you get to "Android Recovery", and then press the Volume up key to boot in this mode.
èWait for the "triangle!/Android" screen to pop up. Once it does press both the Volume up and Volume down keys simultaneously. A Recovery Menu should pop up.
èTap on the Volume down key until "wipe data/factory reset" is highlighted, and then tap the Power button. Another Confirmation screen will come up. Tap on the Volume down key until it highlights “Yes” and then tap the Power button to make the selection.
èAfter it’s done make sure "reboot system now" is highlighted and then tap the Power button.
èIn this method you don’t have to use the touch screen any more. So let’s say your touch screen isn’t responding therefore you can’t navigate the phone or go into your settings and do a regular factory data reset. Well now on the 2.3 there is hope. Just power off the phone and perform these steps and the reset should go through.

Method Eight

èWhile powered off, press and hold the Home key, while continuing to hold the homekey, power the device on by pressing the Power key.
èOnce the Android Recovery screen appears release the Home key, then while on the Android Recovery screen, press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys both at the same time.
èWhen you’re on the Android System Recovery screen release all the keys, and then use the Volume down key to navigate down to the “wipe date/factory reset” option. Once it’s highlighted press the Power key to select it.
èOnce you see the “Confirm wipe of all user data?” Press the Volume down key to highlight “Yes—delete all user data”, then press the Power key to select it.

Method Nine

Another uncommon hard reset technique but similar to the one used in method #2. This process can be used to hard reset T-mobiles Prism and Prism II as well as AT&Ts Huawei Fusion (U8652).
èTurn off the phone and then press and hold the Volume Up key and Power key simultaneously until the Android system recover screen appears.
èUse the Volume Down key to highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option and then use the Power button to make the selection.
èUse the Volume Down key to highlight “Yes -- delete all user data” and use the power key to proceed with the reset.
For some android Smartphone like Tecno P5, you have to press the Volume Up and the Power button to make selection.
Method Ten
èA less common method to hard reset an Android smartphone, but the following key combination can be used to reset some cell phones including the Samsung Gio (GT-S5660).
èPower the phone off, by using the power button or by removing and then reinserting the battery (when possible).
èWhile the phone is off press and hold the Home button and the Power key at the same time (the Home key is typically the big button on the bottom center of the phone under the display/touch screen).
èWhen the phone starts to power on and you see the phones logo you can release the power button but keep pressing the Home button until the Android system recover screen appears. Once it pops up you can release the Key(s).
èUse the Volume keys to highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option, and then use the Home key to make the selection. Scroll down using the Volume keys again until the “Yes—delete all user data” option is highlighted and then press the Home key to select that as well.
èThe system recover screen should pop back up and when it does make sure that “reboot system now” is highlighted and press the Home key to make the selection. The phone will restart and the hard reset will be done.
èOnce the reset is complete the phone may return to the Android system recover screen. If it does then use the Volume Down button to highlight “reboot system now” and press the Power key to confirm the action.
èThe phone will restart and the hard reset will be complete.

Method Eleven

èHere is a common method used to hard reset an LG Android smartphone. So if you need to hard reset an LG Optimus this is the hard reset key combination to try first.
èAfter the LG phone has been powered off, press and hold the Volume Down button. While holding the Volume Down button, press and hold the Home button. While holding both the Volume Down button and Home button, press and hold the Power button.
èContinue holding these three keys down simultaneously until the LG logo appears.
èOnce the LG Logo appears release all of the keys. This will complete the reset on many LG phones; you will be given the option to “Select your language” and can proceed with setting up your device as if you were setting up the phone for the first time.
èIf however, you are taken to a fast boot screen or a screen with additional options then use the Volume Down key to scroll to and highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and then press the Menu key to make the selection.
èThe phone might give you a confirmation screen in which you can use the Volume Down key to scroll to and highlight Yes -- delete all user data and then press the Menu key to make the selection.
èIf you get an option to reboot system now then select that option with the Menu key. The phone will reboot, which can take a couple of minutes, and the hard reset will be complete.
Like I said earlier, some malfunctions that may lead to Hard resetting your Android Smartphones are:
·         Your touch screen stops responding
·         You forget your password
·         Your phones power cycling, etc.
Do you have any other method that worked for you? Comment it below to, it might help someone else also.

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